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Adapting to Evolving Threats

Alpha Generation understands the threat landscape that organisations face is always evolving and new threats are emerging all the time.

By connecting the latest in proactive security solutions with the resellers who can deliver them, we help to minimise this changing threat and keep your customers secure while they stay productive.

Adapting evolving threats
Adapting evolving threats

Platform 3.0

Our vendors are innovative technology companies that all form part of the eco-system for the shift to Platform 3.0.

We ensure these vendors have the support they need to help you deliver these solutions to your customers.

That takes a new generation of IT security distributor; the Alpha Generation

Platform 3.0
Platform 3.0

Welcome to the Alpha Generation

A specialist IT security distributor for specialist proactive IT security solutions.

The UK IT channel is an exciting place to be. Always growing. Always evolving. But not always easy to navigate.

At Alpha Gen, we combine our experience and expertise in the UK IT security distributor space with world-leading security software and hardware.

We give security vendors a way into this competitive space – and the support they need to compete within it.

And we give our channel partners the powerful yet practical products their customers need to keep their organisations secure.

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Our Vendor Partners


Innovators with practical intelligence

All of our vendors provide proactive security that organisations can depend on. Their innovative products fight the latest threats, make tasks like patching and monitoring more manageable, and help IT managers and administrators stay one step ahead.

They also come with their own expertise. They offer an expert understanding of the latest threats, and the threats that organisations will be facing in the future.

In return, we provide an insight into the UK channel, and practical support to navigate it.


Partners that keep networks protected

With Alpha Gen, resellers can tap into a growing demand for proactive security.

Obligated by compliance, these aren’t products that organisations can avoid. They’re essential tools for running a modern, connected business where information is the most valuable asset.

With training, support, marketing and more, we help resellers understand the varied threats their customers face – and provide the most appropriate form of protection.