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Archive from "March, 2018"

Privileged Password Security Certification Training Course


Why Knowledge is Power In PAM

Privileged accounts remain the number one target for hackers and malicious insiders alike. Keeping them secure is all about knowledge and understanding.

Responsible for protecting IT security? Get PAM certified in 60 minutes with Thycotic’s Privileged Password Security Training Course.

Privileged Account Management 2018 Report


Where Privileged Account Management is Really Failing

70% of organisations don’t know about all their privileged accounts, and 40% do nothing at all to discover these accounts.

Read Thycotic’s 2018 Global State of PAM Risk & Compliance Report to see where your password security is weakest – and what you need to do about it.

Memcached Kill Switch


Corero Discovers Memcached DDoS Kill Switch

With the Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense System, Corero customers have been benefitting from real-time Memcached attack protection since the very first attacks. In less than two seconds, Smartwall can detect and deflect malicious traffic.

Changing Perceptions of Cybersecurity in the Workplace


Changing Perceptions of Cybersecurity in the Workplace

For too long, cybersecurity has been perceived as a problem that can easily be solved with the right information and technology. However, as attacks become more widespread and more sophisticated, that perception needs to change, especially in the workplace.