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App Vulnerability + Patch = Secure. Simple, Right?

App Vulnerability + Patch = Secure

When there’s an application vulnerability, a vendor releases a patch. You get the patch, apply it to the application, and you’re secure.

It sounds so simple. But, in practice, it’s rarely that straightforward.

The way we use technology in the real world doesn’t always align with vendor ideals, or the expected application versions and locations. Instead, most organisations run a sprawling network where applications sit in unusual paths or on alternate drives, or where several application versions run alongside one another.

These things make patching hard. But, with Flexera Corporate Software Inspector, SPS applicability makes things easier again.

What is SPS applicability?

Corporate Software Inspector’s Package Systems (SPS), repackages vendor installers to make them fit for how organisations really use their software. It’s like a wrapper that goes around the normal patch installer, but adds some new functionality and flexibility.

One of these features is SPS applicability. In short, it’s a way for the system to check that patches are actually applicable before they are applied – and, if they are, SPS ensures they are silently installed.

In practice, the technology beneath SPS gives you automated ways to deal with multiple application versions and custom locations.

Dealing with multiple application versions

While vendors would have us all upgrade to the latest, greatest release the moment it appears, few organisations work that way. Instead, you may run a mix of different versions, each in use for good reason and each still supported by the vendor.

However, these versions can be hard to keep track of. To help, Corporate Software Inspector can scan your infrastructure to find all of the versions in use, and where they are located. Then, when a patch is released, it is targeted at the appropriate version automatically, with no manual input and no wasted time.

Dealing with custom locations

When scanning, Corporate Software Inspector also auto-populates a bank of applicability rules, including non-default paths to applications. These could be within a single machine or on a different drive altogether.

As long as Corporate Software Inspector has scanned, it is aware of these non-default paths. So, when creating the SPS package, they will be include in the applicability. In short, Corporate Software Inspector will know these applications need a patch, even if they’re not in the default place.

Without this knowledge, you would be limited to default paths. As a result, any custom location would be missed – and you would be left vulnerable to an exploit.

Controlling SPS applicability

Finally, Corporate Software Inspector gives you complete control over all your SPS applicability rules. This enables you to:

  • Add paths that you have not scanned
  • Deselect paths to exclude machines where an update could break a parent application

With these flexible rules, you can take control of where patches are applied and where software needs to be left unpatched for good reason.

But, crucially, you don’t need to take control when you don’t have to.

Automating your patch process

While the SPS packaging format gives you complete control when you need it, Flexera Corporate Software Inspector can take care of things when you don’t.

For all of the applicability rules that SPS offers, the simple fact is that, in most contexts, you just need to conduct a scan and let Corporate Software Inspector take it from there.

So you can get patches to where they need to be – without manually finding and patching individual applications.

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