It’s time to take PAM beyond the basics

By now, most people recognise the need to keep all those privileged accounts under control. From discovering default and system accounts to auditing usage and enforcing policies, Privileged Access Management (PAM) has become a key element of every IT security strategy.

But installing some software and creating new processes doesn’t solve the PAM problem. It’s just the first step on a journey to lowering risk.

Industry experts Thycotic have just published a new resource – an Expert’s Guide to PAM Success. Packed with tools, checklists and best practice, it’s designed to take you from your current position to Advanced PAM, moving from reactive to proactive security.

Get your free copy now or read on to see why a successful implementation needs to bring processes, people and technology together.

No one thing can reduce your risk

By definition, every PAM project touches on processes, people and technology. But many implementations start with just one of these things and let the remaining two follow.

It’s not unusual to see technology take centre stage, sold as the singular solution to every problem. So an organisation implements new tools and technical controls, then changes processes and the role of people to fit.

This piecemeal approach to PAM gets in the way of success. There’s no all-encompassing answer to privileged accounts. Instead, it takes a strategic approach that considers processes, people and technology at the same time – and doesn’t prioritise the needs of one area over another.

According to the experts, a successful PAM project needs to account for:

  • People including stakeholders who don’t yet see the value of PAM, and users with varied roles, responsibilities and priorities
  • Technology and its ability to automate security controls in order to keep people productive
  • Process change as guided by the PAM Lifecycle – a path of perpetual improvement, not a simple one-and-done project

Crucially, each of these areas interacts with the others. As new processes enter your organisation, you need to mitigate the impact on your people. As your people strive to get their jobs done, you need to consider how technology can make life easier.

Get your Expert’s Guide to PAM Success

The only successful PAM projects start with an all-encompassing strategy that crosses all three areas at once. And you can learn how to develop that strategy with help from PAM experts.

The Expert’s Guide to PAM Success is a free download that includes insight, expertise and practical tools from people across the PAM space. Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Why implementing Advanced PAM is the only way to control risk effectively
  • How to engage key stakeholders from every area of your business
  • How the PAM Lifecycle can become a roadmap for your ongoing projects
  • Why automation is a vital part of your success

Get the expert guidance you need to go beyond the PAM basics.

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