Alpha Gen Grows Its Vendor Portfolio with Lepide

A complementary addition to the company’s existing vendors, Alpha Generation partners with Lepide to provide data-centric security to the UK.

Nottingham, UK, October 01, 2018 – Value-added IT security distributor Alpha Generation Distribution (part of the 4Sec Group) announced today a new partnership with Lepide, the fastest-growing provider of Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) solutions.

LepideAuditor, the company’s flagship product, is a cost-effective way for organisations to find out where their sensitive data is, who has access to it and what changes are taking place. With hundreds of pre-defined reports as well as real-time alerts, LepideAuditor reduces the risk of insider threats, data breaches and ransomware while meeting the demands of compliance standards like GDPR, PCI, SOX and more.

LepideAuditor is already being used to audit and monitor sensitive data for over 5,000 organisations. However, while the solution has already seen some strong success in the UK, the new partnership will add the value of a proactive distributor with a proven track record of taking vendors to a full two-tier strategy.

“We’ve been experiencing significant global growth over the last few years, but we knew we needed to build a deeper channel in the UK,” says Aidan Simister, CEO at Lepide. “Alpha Generation has had success with vendors like Thycotic, where there’s a great cross-sell opportunity, so they caught our eye immediately. We needed a distributor with the right connections and ambition, which is exactly what we found in Alpha Generation.”

The addition of Lepide is closely-aligned with Alpha Generation’s other vendors, each covering distinct yet complementary parts of the security stack. LepideAuditor means resellers can give customers a solution that helps them understand what should be secured at a data and system level. Then, products from vendors like Bromium, Thycotic and CoSoSys offer the tools to secure and monitor those assets.

LepideAuditor also includes automatic script triggering, enabling users to instantly respond to events, configuration changes or behavioural trends. In this way, LepideAuditor offers the data-level intelligence businesses need to strengthen their cybersecurity.

“In the last few months, we’ve been inundated with vendors looking to appoint a distributor that understands the market,” says Chris Walsh, Sales Director at Alpha Generation. “Lepide was carefully chosen because the technology has a real link with our existing vendors – LepideAuditor slots perfectly into our portfolio of products and our vision of how the Alpha Generation security fabric will fit together.”

Crucially, Alpha Generation continues to keep its portfolio small and structured, allowing the team to maintain the high standards of support and service that have driven the company’s growth to date. Lepide was selected, not only for its solution but for the company’s commitment to the channel and understanding of the needs of partners and resellers.

“With Lepide, we see a product with existing interest and a team that’s passionate about supporting the channel,” says Grahame Smee, Group Managing Director at 4SEC Group. “LepideAuditor has already started to permeate the UK channel and, with our existing connections and channel expertise, we can help take things to the next level.”

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About Lepide

For more than a decade, Lepide has been developing security that starts with data. Designed to give organisations increased visibility and insight, Lepide’s solutions are used by more than 5,000 customers worldwide to improve security while meeting the demands of compliance standards like GDPR, SOX, PCI and more.

Across on-premise and cloud-based unstructured data, LepideAuditor is an easy-to-use console that makes monitoring sensitive data simple. From there, customers can detect when data is accessed, changed or moved, and receive real-time alerts when tailored thresholds are exceeded. As a result, they can reduce the risk of insider threats, data breaches and non-compliance.

Today, Lepide is the fastest-growing Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) provider with offices in three continents. Customers include Xerox, Cisco, Pacific Western Bank, and many more.


About Alpha Generation Distribution Ltd

Alpha Generation Distribution is a 4SEC Group company providing value-added distribution to the UK IT channel. Founded in May 2013, it has a strong background in IT distribution and specialises in proactive security solutions. Alpha Generation works on a foundation of product knowledge, channel building, marketing support and personal expertise to deliver tangible value to the channel.


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