Becoming an Indispensable CIO

Every CIO wants what’s best for their business. They want to be at the heart of decision making around technology, consistently adding value and creating a strategy for lasting success.

It’s what the entire job is all about. And it’s what keeps CIOs employed, successful on the right career trajectory.

But there’s a problem. Today’s CIOs are more marginalised than ever. And in Snow Software’s new eBook, The Indispensable CIO: A Guide to Putting Yourself at the Centre of Digital Transformation projects, you’ll learn why.

Get your copy now to see the unavoidable challenges you’re about to face – or read on to see why a better understanding of your software could help you step into the spotlight.

Navigating the Disruption Gap

From cloud software to mobile applications, IT leaders are increasingly cut out of important decisions. Business units have taken control of IT spending, often acquiring software on their own terms and without a cohesive, overarching strategy.

Snow Software call it The Disruption Gap – a divide between IT and the business. It’s the product of the pursuit of new technology. And, at the same time, it’s a serious barrier to innovating in a way that truly impacts competitiveness and performance.

The Disruption Gap comes with major repercussions for IT budgets. Decisions that CIOs played no part in routinely lead to overspending, inefficiency, licence non-compliance, and costly true-ups. Business units call the shots, often without complete context. And IT pays the price.

For CIOs to thrive in this difficult climate, they need to deliver something that goes above and beyond what the wider business can do alone. They need to demonstrate vision. And that starts with visibility.

Turning visibility into influence

In Snow Software’s new eBook, you’ll learn more about The Disruption Gap and its implications for CIOs. But you’ll also see how visibility over software can be a valuable asset for CIOs as they strive to influence strategy and routine decision making.

Get your copy now to see:

  • How to overcome the three biggest barriers to visibility
  • The impact of increased visibility on software spend
  • How Snow Software helps CIOs reclaim control of the entire IT estate
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