Controlling privileged access in the cloud

According to the analysts at McKinsey, cloud-specific spending is expected to grow six times faster than general IT spending through 2020. Businesses are finally embracing the cloud as a way to unlock flexibility and scalability – particularly in the midst of global changes in how we work.

It’s a far cry from just five years ago when studies were full of fears. Since the earliest stages, security has been a primary barrier to cloud adoption. Now, it seems that those concerns are slowly disappearing.

That’s why getting your cloud security right is more important than ever. Businesses and individuals are getting more comfortable in the cloud. And that comes with complacency that could leave you exposed.

To help you get ahead of this significant challenge, Thycotic have just published a new eBook: Privileged Access Cloud Security for Dummies. It’s a comprehensive guide to controlling privileged access in the cloud, written in the easy-to-read ‘For Dummies’ style.

Get your copy now or read on to see why cloud security is becoming a priority.

A familiar challenge on a new scale

Most of today’s IT teams understand the risk associated with privileged accounts. They’re used throughout a business to give people, applications and service the access they need to get things done. But they come with some big challenges.

Privileged accounts are typically:

  • Hard to find, inventory and catalogue
  • Rarely removed or rotated for fear of breaking something
  • Shared by multiple people who need access to a given system
  • A primary target for attackers and malicious insiders

As more of our computing takes place in the cloud, many of these key challenges remain, but the playing field is radically different.

Credentials in the cloud are distributed across multiple locations, datacentres and servers. People access those credentials from a wide range of places, often with little accountability. And securing them isn’t as easy as putting a perimeter around your business, because attackers can now access your credentials in places that you don’t fully control.

It’s time to give cloud security the attention it deserves – and that means evolving your Privileged Access Management to meet these new demands.

Get a cloud to cloud security best practice

Focused exclusively on privileged access, Thycotic’s new eBook is a valuable look at the scale of the problem, how to define and secure cloud privileged access, and important best practices.

In Privileged Access Cloud Security for Dummies, you’ll learn:

  • Why 1 in 4 companies experience data theft in the cloud
  • How to spot key cloud security differences
  • Five ways to implement best practice and improve your security immediately

Get your free copy now to see how you can address and automate your cloud privileged access.

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