Cyber Security is an Opportunity, Not Just a Burden

According to, the UK cyber security market is valued at over $5 billion. Every year, businesses spend a huge amount on fighting off attackers, attempting to defend their IT and keep doing business as usual.

But the never-ending struggle just to maintain a secure status quo is just the beginning. Robust security isn’t just about keeping things as they are. It’s about establishing a strong foundation for new technologies, new opportunities, and new ways of working.

Privileged account management (PAM) specialists Thycotic have just published an in-depth report following a survey of IT security decision-makers. In it, you’ll learn about attitudes to security, how they vary across individual departments, and why your attitude to IT could be getting in the way of lucrative new opportunities.

Risk gets in the way of good business

The Thycotic CISO Survey Report explains that 50% of people believe IT security is just about keeping the light on and systems working. But CISOs themselves overwhelmingly say security can be a positive force for innovation – provided it gets the recognition, power, and resources it needs.

So what do these innovations look like? How does security go from a cost centre to something that really delivers value?

For us, it’s all about confidence and risk.

In recent years, the pace of technology has put new ways of working at our fingertips. The cloud means data can be stored wherever it is most needed, not just in the confines of your physical premises. New methods of collaboration, remote working and communication are surfacing almost on a weekly basis.

But – at both an executive and employee level – making the most of emerging technology is an act of real confidence. And that’s hard to achieve in an ever-more risk-averse climate.

When you know your estate is secure, your employee activities are visible, and you’re meeting all the demands of compliance, you get the freedom to try new things without risking what you already have.

As a result, improving and investing in your IT security doesn’t just keep the lights on. It can help make the next stage of your growth possible, taking advantage of innovation sooner and getting ahead of the competition.

Get your free Thycotic CISO Survey Report

If information security isn’t treated like a priority in your organisation, you could be leaving big opportunities on the table.

In Thycotic’s report, The CISO Challenge: Aligning Business Enablement with Enforcement, you’ll learn about the management issues surrounding cyber security – and why it’s time for perceptions and priorities to change.
Drawing on the views of decision makers in large organisations, it’s a guide to:

  • How perceptions restrict the effectiveness of IT security
  • Why communication and education are crucial
  • How IT security can enable new business
  • How new technology can be encountered as an opportunity, not just another security challenge

If you’re concerned about the role and reputation of IT security in your business, it’s unmissable.

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