Does SAM make sense in the cloud?

For some businesses, Software Asset Management (SAM) is a fully featured platform that automates software processes. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a hard to manage mix of paper records and human expertise.

But, in almost every case, it’s focused on software inside the network. And that’s not where your software will be living for much longer.

Snow Software’s on-demand webinar, Adapting Asset Management to a Cloudy World, is a useful look at why SAM is just as vital in the cloud as it is inside your network.

Watch it now to start bringing control to your cloud assets, or read on to see why existing approaches to SAM need to evolve.

The cloud makes SAM more essential than ever

Cloud services are constantly connected to the people that provide them. Licences become logins and, as a result, software providers can always see exactly what you’re using and whether you’re compliant.

But while the cloud makes it easier for vendors to audit your usage, the same can’t be said for your own IT teams. In fact, the cloud makes their job harder than ever before.

All the convenience of the cloud means that people across your business can suddenly adopt a new technology with little or no input from IT – no configuration, no implementation. And that means no governance or control.

The cloud drives a disconnect between IT leaders and the IT they’re supposed to be managing. In that empty space, there’s nothing but non-compliance risk.

Get a clearer view of SAM in the cloud

Now available on-demand, Snow Software’s webinar, Adapting Asset Management to a Cloudy World, is a guide to the challenges you face in our hosted future – and why SAM is so vital.

Watch now to learn:

  • How to prepare for the inevitable growth of your cloud services
  • What Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SAM reveals about the cloud
  • How to close the gap between IT and the software your people are using

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