Does your security strategy start with attacks?

From the smallest startups to the biggest multinationals, every business has a security strategy. Sometimes, it’s the informal best practice that teams use every day. At the other extreme, it’s a sprawling, long-term view of cyber security today and in the future.

But many of these strategies have something in common: they start from your users. For many businesses, cyber security strategies are built around how users behave, the work they need to do, or what compliance standards obligate them to do.

When, in reality, the only effective strategy is one that starts with your attackers.

In Lepide’s new eBook, Popular Cyber Attack Methods and How to Mitigate Them, you can find out where your business is most at risk – and what to do about it. So you can create a targeted, cost-effective strategy that’s focused on the areas that matter most.

The risk of starting with your organisation

At Alpha Generation, we’re all about proactive approaches to risk. We think every business needs a strategy that strives to get ahead of hackers and insider threats. And that starts with your organisation, not any external force.

But we’re also realistic about the realities of cyber crime. We’ve seen how attacks evolve, new vectors emerge, and risk comes in the most unexpected places.

When strategy starts with your organisation, you’re attempting to improve security across the board. You try to adopt technology that fights every conceivable threat. But what starts as a controlled strategy quickly becomes an expensive, hard to manage and impossible to sustain effort.

When you start your strategy with a better understanding of the threats, you can:

  • Focus your investment in the most impactful places
  • Benchmark your security against real threats, not just compliance requirements
  • Uncover the areas you could be missing in a less targeted, blanket approach

The threat landscape is always changing and new threats are always emerging. You can’t eliminate risk altogether. But you can focus your efforts in the most significant threats.

Get your cyber attack methods eBook

Lepide’s new eBook, Popular Cyber Attack Methods and How to Mitigate Them, is an unflinching look at today’s biggest risks.

From social engineering to DDoS attacks, you’ll learn:

  • How familiar attack methods have become more sophisticated
  • Where and when your data and IT is most at risk
  • What cyber security experts are doing to address these challenges
  • How LepideAuditor ensures the security of your most sensitive data

It’s the first step on your journey to a more impactful security strategy – and a more secure organisation.

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