Who’s Listening to New Technology Vendors?

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After a few weeks back in distribution, I’ve thought a lot about how the IT industry looks today. The things that innovative new technology vendors need and what’s actually available to them.

Interacting with the UK channel can be complex, particularly for vendors who are entering the market for the first time. You really do need a current, forward-thinking approach to reach the right partners – and innovation doesn’t always make things easier.

Innovation is attractive – but not always immediate

Every reseller wants to offer the next solution that is going to make a buzz. They want to discover the products that their end-users want, the solutions that make their infrastructures more secure and protect against the very latest threats.

I suppose this explains why many of the partners I’ve spoken to seem so eager to hear from new vendors. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to reach them.

Flexera has existing channel strategies and messages that required a complete overhaul. It’s a significant change that’s hard to make, but essential in changing partner perception.

Meanwhile, Galaxkey is starting with a blank piece of paper. Filling it doesn’t require change, or reinvention – but that doesn’t make it easy.

The obstacle we face with our vendors is that innovation is desirable, but truly leading technology requires an up to date understanding of security threats. If partners aren’t fully aware of the problems their customers face – and will be facing in the next year – they’ll have no interest in a solution.

So, like the rest of Alpha Generation, I’m eager to get those messages out to partners.

Getting a vendor’s message to the right partners

So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of proactive partners that are willing to listen to new technology vendors landing in the UK.

These are people who want to stay ahead of the curve, bringing innovation to their customers. They’re people who pride themselves on understanding emerging technologies, and Alpha Generation’s portfolio of vendors is the ideal match.

It’s these people who our vendors’ messages need to reach.

They offer than a price and a product. They add value through insight and advice, earning the trust of their customers. That means they can suggest the right products and help their end-users get the security solutions they need – even if they don’t recognise the need just yet.

At Alpha Generation Distribution, we do some things small. We represent just four vendors, with no plans to dramatically increase that any time soon.

But I’m making it my business to think about the big picture. I want partners to understand the challenges of today and tomorrow, and how our vendors can help overcome them.

I firmly believe there are partners out there listening intently to what vendors have to say. It’s our job to make sure what they hear tells them everything they need to know.

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