Lead gen isn’t really what you’re looking for

Working with so many vendors and resellers, lead gen always makes people’s ears prick up. For all your clever strategy and planning, there’s nothing that gets attention like ‘We’ll get you buckets full of business’.

I get it. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all here for. But it’s also completely broken and I’ll tell you why.

Vendors and resellers aren’t looking for leads. And definitely not from a distributor who doesn’t have the budget to do so on a vendor scale or the bodies on the ground to get up-close like a reseller can.

They’re looking for sustainable interest and sales. That starts with the channel.

Onboard the channel, not end-users

It’s easy to plug resources into reaching new leads and passing them across to resellers and vendors. But I think it’s time that distributors started playing to their strengths, not trying to be jacks of all trades.

What we’re really good at is working with the channel. At Alpha Gen, we’ve built up relationships right across the security space. We find the best resellers and get them geared around a common cause – bringing the most innovative new security to market and taking vendors to the next level.

Focusing our efforts on onboarding and enabling the channel, not finding end-users we help with marketing and, yes, do our bit for lead gen.

But what really matters is how we give our partners the tools, collateral and support they need to generate their own leads. Because we fundamentally believe they’re better at it than us.

Getting your priorities right

Over the years, we’ve put our lead gen work in. I’ve seen first-hand that it’s possible for a distributor to do lead gen effectively. But there’s just not the time or money to do lead gen on a massive scale while doing all the other things it takes to guide brands through the channel.

For us, lead gen is just one ingredient in the recipe that gets vendors and resellers to success. And by focusing on what we do best – for vendors that are already building their presence in the market and resellers who know how to sell – we can bring all the pieces together to become something greater than the sum of its parts.

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