How a Reactive Approach to Software Leaves You Exposed

At Alpha Generation, we’ve built our reputation on providing technology that lets businesses take a proactive stance to security. We’re fierce advocates of reducing risk through a forward-thinking, preventative, and multi-layered approach. And we think security is just the start.

Enterprises also face huge risk when it comes to their software licensing. In a climate where 64% of enterprises face at least one software audit per year, the Software Asset Management (SAM) space continues to grow at an impressive rate.

But while SAM tools are useful, they’re reactive by design. They help enterprises find and eliminate license risk – but only at some future date, once it’s entered your network and potentially left you exposed for months on end.

What’s wrong with SAM?

SAM and IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools can be incredibly effective solutions for discovering risk that lies dormant in your estate. By discovering software, monitoring your licenses, and removing unnecessary non-compliant software, SAM can help you return to a position of compliance.

But what if your software vendor decides to carry out an audit in the weeks or months before you restore order? How can you govern your software inventory earlier, closing the window of exposure altogether?

SAM tools only pick up on problems that started in the past. They can bring you back to a position of license compliance, but they never resolve the issue at the source.

As a result, it’s all too easy to fall back out of compliance as new software is added to your estate – particularly in an era when IT is wide-reaching, more complicated, and harder to monitor than ever before. When software crosses your own datacentre, remote locations, and the cloud, true governance is difficult to achieve.

There’s nothing wrong with SAM and ITAM tools – but they only cover one part of the software lifecycle. Just like your IT security, a reactive, single-layered approach can’t give you absolute peace of mind that your software is compliant, you’re making informed purchasing decisions, and you’re maximising your efficiency.

The missing proactive layer of your software compliance

While most SAM tools tackle symptoms, Astute License Demand Management (AstuteLDM) is an innovative way to treat the underlying causes of license non-compliance. It’s a platform that covers the parts of the software lifecycle that SAM simply doesn’t.

At the procurement and deployment stage, AstuteLDM gives you robust processes for requesting and approving software. With a consolidated view of your applications and licenses, you can detect potential non-compliance before it happens – preventing risk from entering your enterprise at all.

AstuteLDM will help you:

  • Intelligently predict when you’ll grow out of compliance so you can plan sooner
  • Get complete visibility over software procurement, deployment and licencing
  • Automate software governance to save you time and money

And it’s not just about reducing risk. With improved control and an all-encompassing view of software, AstuteLDM can help you spot inefficiencies in license allocation, eliminate waste, and understand your bargaining power with vendors.

While SAM and ITAM tools are valuable, they’re incomplete. The only way to truly eliminate the risk of a costly true-up is to proactively eliminate non-compliance at the source.

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