Why every business needs real time DDoS protection

When was the last time you had to deal with a call centre?

As you sit in the never-ending queue, there’s plenty of time to think. To wonder just how long you’ll be there. How much of your day you’ll waste. And whether another company might be faster and easier to reach.

When a business slows you down, or can’t deliver at the speed you want, frustration levels soar. The repercussions in terms of customer experience and lost business can be huge. And the same rules apply in the digital world, whenever your employees or your customers need to interact with your technology.

Overwhelming your infrastructure so you’re unable to maintain service levels, a DDoS attack is by far the most common cause of sluggishness or complete unavailability. With Corero’s innovative real time DDoS protection solution, you can filter out bad traffic in real time – so you can continue to provide a real-time service.

The importance of being responsive – real time DDoS

Increasingly, DDoS attacks target small and medium businesses – the ones least likely to have effective DDoS mitigation in place. Worse, these are often the businesses that need to stay the most responsive. After all, speed and agility are the big benefits of choosing a smaller partner over a huge enterprise.

Whatever the size of your business, real-time is a real challenge – but one that really matters.

1. Responsiveness builds customer trust and confidence
According to Econsultancy, 67% of UK shoppers say that slow website loading times are the main reason they would abandon an online purchase. Slow performance is the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity – and the same is true of every area of your IT.

Fast performance also builds confidence in your brand and your business. In simple terms, if you can’t keep your IT running smoothly, how can people trust you to meet their wider needs?

2. Responsiveness keeps your people productive
Above all else, your IT is there to support your people. From sending an email to working in your highly-bespoke software, it’s all there to help employees get things done and perform at their best. When IT becomes a slow obstacle to productivity, the damage can be lasting.

If your systems aren’t performing as they should, it’s tempting for employees to veer away from your processes, use their own unorthodox ways of working, or simply give up.

3. Responsiveness empowers – and underpins – new services
In business, speed has always been important. But today’s new models put even more pressure on IT performance. With everything available as a service – from your productivity tools to customer-facing software – poor performance or downtime can bring business to a halt. There simply aren’t the same analogue, offline processes that there used to be.

Technology has become the heart of almost every business. And if the heart stops, the diagnosis isn’t great.

DDoS protection as it happens, at the speed it happens

Most DDoS solutions fall short of the speed it takes to keep you working in real time. Remote scrubbing centres exacerbate the problems caused by DDoS, routing all your traffic to another data centre with a noticeable impact on performance.

Corero’s approach is different – a real time DDoS protection solution built for a world where even a moment of downtime or delay can make all the difference. Fast, scalable, and effective, it’s a way to filter malicious traffic in real time so you can keep your service standards high. And keep your people and your customers happy.

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