When is it SAM and when is it a SHAM?

According to a report from Market Research Future, the global Software Asset Management (SAM) market is expected to grow at a 14.18 CAGR between now and 2023. As software estates increase in scale and complexity – and major vendors take a more proactive stance on auditing – it’s a market with huge demand and, in turn, a huge number of solutions.

It’s no surprise. SAM is an essential part of managing your IT estate. But with so many SAM vendors and a world of customers hungry for licensing expertise, it can be hard to know whether a solution is really fit for purpose.

The stakes are massive. True-ups after an audit are typically six-figure sums. But, too often, we meet SAM experts that don’t attempt to prevent licence problems. Instead, they deal with non-compliance when it’s uncovered.

And if you find yourself with Seriously Haphazard Asset Management – a SHAM, if you will – you’ll feel the impact right across your business.

Never spend money in a rush

When a SAM expert tries to correct non-compliance, the priority is growing your license count. Working against the clock, you’ll need to make snap decisions about procurement – not the kind of decisions that are thought-out, cost-effective, and optimised.

Running an emergency response to non-compliance is extremely expensive, creating waste and overspend. At the same time, it takes away the buying power you get by truly understanding the scale of your overall requirements.

Licence and software changes need planning

The pace and haphazard approach of some SAM solutions don’t allow for a structured deployment or measured scaling.

In every area of IT – and every area of your business – you know the importance of a strategic approach to change. It’s the same when it comes to your software. Rushing to correct non-compliance typically leads to widespread disruption to your operations, whether that’s unavailable software or an entire IT team that’s tied-up making sense of your licence position.

SAM can be all action, no intelligence

The wrong SAM solution alerts you when there’s a licensing problem. But, in many cases, that’s because a vendor has already highlighted the issue – at which point, it’s too late to avoid the consequences.

Across businesses of every size and shape, there’s a worrying lack of visibility into software licensing. Few organisations truly understand all the software people are using, how often they’re using it, and whether they need it – let alone whether it’s licensed properly.

SAM can be an essential way to fire-fight licensing emergencies, but it’s not a way to raise your overall intelligence. Simply put, dealing with non-compliance after it’s happened doesn’t stop it from happening again.

Get ahead of software compliance with AstuteLDM

SHAM: a hurried, reactive approach to software management that costs you in terms of Stress, Hassle And Money.

AstuteLDM: a smarter approach to software licensing that fills the gaps traditional SAM can’t cover.

With a centralised, standardised workflow for software procurement and provisioning, AstuteLDM gives you a single point of governance for all your software.

As a result, you always understand your licensing position, you can eliminate waste on unnecessary licences, and you can stay compliant – without trying to play catch-up.

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