Secure your Privileged Accounts for Free with Secret Server Free

Secret Server Free

Every organisation handles privileged accounts and, with them, passwords that could offer widespread access to an attacker. But not every business is ready to commit budget to improving password management and keeping those privileged password secure.

That’s why Thycotic offers Thycotic Secret Server Free – a proven platform for managing and securing passwords that organisations of any size can access. It’s a feature-rich password repository for up to 25 users, protecting up to 250 privileged account passwords completely free of charge.

It’s all part of the company’s mission to help organisations stay secure. And Secret Server Free is just the start.

Giving away $100 Million of Secret Server

This year, Thycotic has the unusual goal of giving away $100,000,000 worth of Secret Server. At an estimated value of $5,000 per installation, that means 20,000 organisations can start protecting their privileged passwords without spending a thing.

It’s ideal for small businesses with a limited number of users – but comes with many of the features that make Secret Server so effective, including:

  • A secure, AES 256-bit encrypted vault where your privileged passwords are safely stored
  • Role-based permissions, restricting password access to those who really need it
  • Detailed auditing and reporting, so you can keep track of how passwords are used – even if they’re shared between users

Secret Server Free even includes some of Secret Server’s more advanced features, like an automated web password filler and Active Directory integration.

Getting Secret Server Free into the hands of as many businesses as possible is a big step on Thycotic’s path to securing more organisations. But that’s not where the mission ends.

Securing privileged passwords on every scale

While Secret Server Free is an excellent way to start protecting your passwords, the Professional, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and Cloud editions of Secret Server all bring their own advantages – and new levels of security.

It’s really an issue of the scale of your organisation and how thorough you want your password security to be.

With Secret Server Professional, you get new ways to secure your passwords, like IP restrictions and automatic password rotation. You’ll also benefit from more extensive integration with your CRM system and vulnerability scanner, with room to integrate even further thanks to a flexible web services API.

Meanwhile, Secret Server Enterprise and Enterprise Plus are both designed to take the same simplicity and ease of use to the very special requirements of larger enterprises. From military-grade FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms to built in ticketing, custom reports, and High Availability clustering support, they give you the comprehensive tools you need to protect, monitor, and report on your passwords.

And that’s where Thycotic’s mission really comes to life: to help organisations secure their passwords. Not just large enterprises. Not just small, growing businesses.

Every business. Every password.

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