Selling more security isn’t always better

The relationship between distributors and resellers is a funny one. We’re supposed to be working together to bring products to the UK channel, but we all have our own jobs to do. That’s why you hear so many distributors say ‘Let me tell you about this great new vendor we’ve found’ or ‘They actually do another product you should take on’.

It’s all built on the idea of more. More threats, more solutions, more sales. But, in the past few months, it’s become obvious to me that more isn’t the answer that many resellers, distributors, vendors, and end users think it is.

The cyber security cycle of growth

Cyber security is a growth industry. The numbers speak for themselves. And there’s actually a never-ending cycle that goes from investment to vendors, then flows right through the channel.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the money.

Vendors see security as a huge opportunity, where venture capitalists are falling over themselves to throw money at the next big thing. So they’re out there coming up with new innovations that promise to hit certain end-user pain points. In turn, another round of investors get excited about the idea of a game-changing technology.

As a result, there are always more vendors, more investment, and more solutions for resellers to bring to market. But there’s one big, fairly obvious problem.

The one thing that stands still

There’s growth in how many solutions you need to have – but there’s no growth in end-user budgets. Too many resellers I speak to are constantly asked to take on a new vendor that’s growing fast thanks to that venture capital. But there’s no real demand out there in the market.

At best, end-users get excited about a new innovation, but can’t afford to add it to the security stack. They have to stop buying one thing to afford the next silver bullet. And, for resellers, that’s moving money around, not actually driving performance and opening up a new revenue stream.

It’s time for a more clever approach – one that focuses on the right solutions, brought into the channel at the right moment. And that’s a responsibility that has to lie with distributors.

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