Take your PAM back to basics

Whether you’re already using a platform like Thycotic Secret Server or just getting started on the path to Privileged Access Management (PAM), it can be hard to understand your next steps.

Technology can play a key role in automating PAM processes, saving you time and improving your visibility over sensitive credentials. But it’s impossible to maximise the value of your investment without a clear, informed strategy.

To help, Thycotic is making one of its most popular webinars available on-demand. In Back to the Basics: Privileged Access Management 101, you’ll hear Chief Security Scientist Joseph Carson outline the PAM lifecycle, where to start and where to go next.

Watch now or read on to see why expertise is the missing piece of most PAM strategies.

It takes more than technology to stay secure

At Alpha Gen, we get excited about smart, innovative technology. We select vendors that have created practical, powerful ways to stay secure and minimise risk.

But we know that even the greatest software or hardware in the world can’t protect your business alone. It takes the right blend of technology and expertise.

Of course, expertise is difficult to get in-house. True PAM specialists are few and far between – and, if you can find one, they come at great expense.

Worse, PAM is just one of the key areas that today’s businesses need to focus their efforts on. Suddenly, you need to on-board experts in every area of IT, rapidly sending your spending through the roof and decreasing your chances of ever seeing value.

Effective PAM takes a strategic, always-improving approach. And that takes always-available expertise that you can tap into whenever you need it – without paying for it full-time.

Get an expert’s view on your Privileged Access Management strategy

Thycotic’s on-demand webinar is presented by one of the world’s leading experts on IT security and Privileged Access Management.

Joseph Carson has advised governments, critical infrastructure providers and financial institutions. And that’s all experience that you can benefit from.

Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn:

  • Where to start your journey to effective Privileged Access Management
  • How to balance password security against productivity
  • How to adopt best practice to maximise the value of your investment

It’s a clear, straightforward beginner’s guide – a way to kickstart your implementation (or review your existing one) is less than an hour.

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