Timing is Everything

Dealing with new vendor overload

I spend all day, every day, dealing with resellers. And just the other week, someone told me he had 13 approaches in one day from vendors or their distributors.

Imagine being in his shoes. You’re trying to keep the lights on in your own business. You’re already taking a portfolio full of products out to end-users, trying to explain what they need and how you can help. And then you’re expected to make sense of over a dozen new things, each promising to be the next big thing and the one you don’t want to miss.

It’s easier to stick to what you know. And changing that isn’t the job of resellers – it’s one for the vendors and distributors to tackle.

For resellers, timing is everything

Ask any sales team: there’s nothing more important than good timing. When you’re taking products through the channel, you want to find end-users at the perfect moment. That’s when their problems and pain points say it’s time to make a change – and when the answer you have to offer is proven and ready to roll.

Why would that be any different for resellers?

Cybersecurity threats are growing exponentially. There’s always a new silver bullet to solve everyone’s woes and weaknesses. But if a vendor hits the UK market too early, it’s no surprise that resellers prefer to focus on their familiar, well-developed portfolio.

The issue vendors and distributors face isn’t that resellers don’t want to find new products. It’s that getting the attention of potential partners is only possible when your product is in-demand or comes with strong reference users.

It starts with channel understanding

The aim is to approach the right resellers, with the right products, at the right moment in time. And the only way to know what that right time looks like is to dig deep into the UK channel and build stronger relationships.

At Alpha Gen, we don’t just find the right vendors who are creating solutions we believe in. We make it our business to know the channel and our resellers inside out. Because it’s not the perfect partner or the perfect product that turns into success. It’s finding and nurturing the perfect match.

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