Unravelling the world of PAM

In security, it’s hard to avoid the acronyms. From CERT to CISO, from SAM to SIEM, it’s no wonder security teams find it hard to communicate what it is they do. But it doesn’t get more confusing than PM, PAM and PAM. Overlapping acronyms on the journey to controlled, auditable and secure privileged accounts make it hard to know where you are – let alone what’s next.

Thycotic’s new white paper, Beyond Password Managers: Charting your Own Path to Privileged Access Management is a practical look at choosing the right technology to protect your credentials.

But it’s also a quick, easy way to compare Password Management, Privileged Account Management and Privileged Access Management, helping you make informed decisions about your security spend.

Download your copy now or read on for an at-a-glance look at the world of PAM, PM and PAM.

From consolidation to complete control

For years, password managers have been used to encrypt passwords and store them in one place. With increased concern over privileged accounts, they’ve also been used to store accounts that grant wide-reaching administrative control.

But they were never built to manage accounts of such huge importance – and lack key features and the visibility that security teams need.

Privileged Account Management, PAM, combines a cloud or local vault with automated discovery, role-based access and advanced reporting. It’s not just a way to secure known accounts, but a way to find every user or service account and retain control at any scale.

Finally (and, perhaps, confusingly), leading experts have also introduced the idea of Privileged Access Management, PAM – a way to secure privileged accounts and privileged data, integrating with other cyber security products.

Crucially, Privileged Access Management isn’t just about securing accounts – it’s about governing the way they’re accessed and who can access them. It’s a holistic approach that goes far beyond accounts to secure privileged information in all of its forms.

Compare your privileged account options

Thycotic’s guide, Beyond Password Managers: Charting your Own Path to Privileged Access Management (PAM) is your roadmap to effective security and addressing the number one project for most of today’s CISOs.

Inside, you’ll get:

  • A head-to-head comparison of your options
  • Five key questions to ask before you choose a solution
  • Useful links to further reading to grow your expertise

Download your copy now to start planning your next move and understand the world of PAM.

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