Tell Us What Added Value Should Really Look Like

Way back in 2013, we did a lot of thinking around the idea of value-added distribution. We saw how channel expertise, practical sales support and healthy partner relationships were being positioned as something special when, for us, they were just the basics of doing good business.

Since then, we’ve found numerous new ways to add value – to make it easier for our reseller partners to thrive in the UK cyber security space. But we’re always on the lookout for new ideas – and we think the only people that really know what constitutes value are the people on the front line.

That’s why we’re proud to launch our first Channel Survey – your chance to tell us about the challenges you’re facing in the channel and what you think value-added distribution should really look like.

How we add value for our reseller partners

Our definition of adding value has always been about impact. Nothing is more important than how our support extends your reach and, ultimately, helps to drive your sales.

Product experts at every level

Whether you’re talking to your sales account manager or the marketing team, we make sure everyone knows their security. It’s not just a point of contact with a price list – it’s someone that understands what you do, what you’re selling, and what it takes to keep your customers happy.

Marketing and boxed campaigns

We’ve invested a lot of time in ready-made marketing for our partners to use in a way that suits you. Balancing consistent quality against customisation, it’s a way to turn our product expertise into something more practical – a campaign that can reach new prospects or nurture existing ones.

An open attitude

Finally, we’ve seen the way we build relationships with our partners grow over the past few years. We’re not just a team you talk to when you have a customer lined-up. We’re active, engaged partners, always listening to what you need and coming up with new ways to help.

Have your say in our Channel Survey

From sharing product expertise and marketing to forging closer relationships with our resellers, we think it’s that collaborative approach that really sets us apart. And, in the spirit of collaboration, our Channel Survey will help us find out what resellers need from the people that know best.

We’re experts in distribution. But we’re looking for the opinions of experts in reselling.

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