Why CIOs are concerned about the cloud

For a long as Chief Information Officer has been a job title, CIOs have faced similar challenges. Their strategies need to encourage innovation, implement security and keep people productive. In short, they need technology to empower a more competitive, impactful organisation.

On the surface, the cloud seems like the perfect fit. But the reality is that the cloud radically changes spending and software procurement. And that makes life harder for CIOs.

In a new report from IDG, What Decentralized IT Spending Means for the CIO’s Role, you can see why giving more spending power to the line of business removes control from the CIOs and IT teams that are ultimately responsible.

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What other leaders are concerned about

IDG’s report brings together insights from 450 IT leaders in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the United States. They all shared similar concerns over the shift to cloud spending and giving business units more freedom to adopt cloud software.

1. Integrating legacy hardware and software
Individual business units rarely have the broad perspective they need to understand how new software will work with what’s already there.

2. Hidden costs
With more flexible payment plans and no clear, fixed costs, many leaders are concerned about expenses that surface or change once cloud software is already adopted.

3. Application optimization
When business units can quickly and easily spend on new software, they’re unlikely to implement the same process of customisation and configuration that a more senior IT team would. Meanwhile, there’s no overarching visibility to optimise the way licences are acquired.

4. Regulatory compliance
Compliance is a key responsibility for CIOs, but cloud spending makes it incredibly easy for teams to start using non-compliant software.

5. Reduced security
Cloud spending has the potential to harm security and privacy in a myriad of ways – not just software that’s vulnerable, but also a sprawling inventory that’s almost impossible to oversee and control.

6. Skills shortages
As spending continues to shift to the cloud, this creates a skills issue on two fronts. First, the business units with new purchasing power need the appropriate skills to select and on-board software. Meanwhile, IT need skilled professionals to cope with security and compliance on a new scale.

Learn from 450+ IT leaders

In the new report from IDG and Snow Software, you’ll see why CIOs think that cloud spending is creating challenges that will spiral out of control. And you’ll learn what they’re doing to get ahead of those challenges now.

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Whether you’re concerned about cloud spending or wondering what you’re missing, it’s essential reading.

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