The real reason your estate isn’t secure

In the cybersecurity industry, we all spend our time talking about the pace of change. Threats move fast, growing ever-more sophisticated and harder to fight off. In turn, vendors are constantly innovating new forms of protection to help businesses keep themselves safe.

But for all of the things that change, what’s really alarming is just how much stays the same.

From malware to exposed privileged account credentials, from complex social engineering to using a default login, even businesses that know better keep falling victim to the same types of attack.

Even as attackers’ techniques become more advanced, the fundamental attack vectors are, at this point, well-known. And still, they’re not protected against.

The obstacles to security

Unawareness is an obvious obstacle to improving your security. If you don’t know there’s a risk, you’ll never eliminate it.

But anyone in IT – in fact, anyone who reads the news – can’t have missed the fact that privileged accounts are high-risk, malware is rife, and social engineering means your users are an inadequate line of defence. A lack of awareness isn’t what’s holding people back and leaving them exposed.

In fact, some of the biggest obstacles to security are all the things that come after you identify an exposure.

To become secure, businesses need to:

  • Understand the threat they’re facing – not just now, but how it might evolve in the future
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of technologies and tools from dozens of vendors in a multi-billion dollar industry
  • Put their trust in a third-party to keep them safe and protect against the loss of data, reputation and money

In short, for business owners and decision-makers without an encyclopaedic knowledge of security, it’s a lot to ask. And when you need to get internal buy-in for that decision high up the chain, it can be easier to stick to familiar techniques and tools – even if they’re failing.

Independent advice on Privileged Account Solutions

The answer is independent advice and guidance. The sort that our partners, integrators and resellers offer every single day.

When it comes to protecting your privileged accounts – one of today’s most pressing threats – you can get unbiased input from the experts at Forrester.

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