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When is it SAM and when is it a SHAM?

Too often we meet SAM experts that don’t attempt to prevent licensing problems. Instead, they prefer to deal with them after they’ve happened. It can cause high expense, disruption to the business and identify issues when it’s too late. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent these problems by getting it right the first time?

Sustainable SAM


How to Achieve Sustainable SAM

The dynamic, ever-changing nature of most software inventories makes effective SAM hard to maintain. Using the ISO 19970-1:2017 ITAM model, the specialists at Astute Licensing have developed a model for sustainable SAM which reduces risk consistently and continually.

Tackling Licence Overspend


Five Strategies for Tackling Licence Overspend

Like every area of business, IT is always about balancing outcomes against costs. From your applications to your network hardware, every expense needs to be justifiable and deliver real value to the business. But that’s harder to achieve than it sounds.

Two Sides SAM


The Two Sides of Software Asset Management

When you think about Software Asset Management, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of tools designed to find software, check against licenses, and maintain your compliance. But that’s just part of the picture.

SAM - Reactive Approach to Software Leaves You Exposed


How a Reactive Approach to Software Leaves You Exposed

While SAM and ITAM tools are valuable, they’re incomplete. The only way to eliminate the risk of a costly true-up is to proactively eliminate non-compliance at the source.

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