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Partner with Flexera-Taking the Stress out of Software for your Customers

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If you’re an IT reseller, you know better than anyone the kind of pressure faced by the average IT administrator. Entire organisations depend on an estate that’s up-to-date, secure, and always available. There are dozens of balls to be juggled and endless tasks competing for attention on a given day.

If you can reduce that burden just a little – if you can show IT teams a way to make life easier – you’re a hero. And that just happens to mean you win a new customer or close a sale.

At Alpha Generation, a big part of what we do is connecting resellers to the vendors we believe solve businesses most pressing challenges. When it comes to software management and application vulnerability security, that’s Flexera.

Coping with day-to-day software management

Packaging, deploying, and managing software isn’t a particularly difficult task. Every administrator will have a process for identifying applications, rationalising, assessing compatibility, and packaging software for deployment.

But while the process may be well-established, repeating it time and time again is a drain on time and money. Worse, a slow, manual deployment process is an obstacle to productivity. It is a frustrating process waiting for applications to be ready when your users can’t work without them.

Flexera AdminStudio Suite is market-leading application readiness – a way to streamline and automate processes for inventory, rationalising, packaging, planning and compatibility testing software.

With support for physical, virtual and mobile applications, AdminStudio helps your customers guarantee consistent deployments every time, accelerating the entire process so administrators can focus on tasks that really add value.

Securing software against malicious attack

When software is in the wild, keeping it secure becomes a new challenge – one with no end.flexera-software-partner-playbook

Third-party application vulnerabilities are still a considerable threat to every business and, while most disclosed vulnerabilities have patches available, quickly applying them can be less straightforward. Your customers need to:

  • Keep inventory of all the third-party applications in your environment – which isn’t easy in our climate of BYOD
  • Keep up with disclosed vulnerabilities and understand the potential impact of an exploit
  • Prioritise, package, and deploy patches as soon as possible – without compromising productivity for end users

It’s no surprise that many disclosed vulnerabilities remain unpatched for weeks, even months on end.

Flexera Corporate Software Inspector and Vulnerability Intelligence Manager provide two layers of protection, both supplemented by intelligence from the Secunia Research Team.

With Corporate Software Inspector, find applications, checking them for vulnerabilities, and applying patches becomes a fast, highly automated process. Meanwhile, Vulnerability Intelligence Manager gives administrators a single point of visibility for vulnerabilities, with real-time notifications and built-in ticketing to track response to advisories.

So your customers can stay one step ahead of the attackers and close known vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

End-to-End Application Readiness and Software Vulnerability Management

What makes Flexera such a compelling proposition for your customers is that everything is in one place, from one vendor – a single source of practical tools for the entire software lifecycle.

For resellers, that means an easy way to make life easier for your prospects. A way to save people time, energy and money by taking the frustration out of deployment and bolster security. All from a vendor that will support you in bringing AdminStudio, Corporate Software Inspector and Vulnerability Intelligence Manager to your customers.

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