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Platform 3.0

Our vendors are innovative technology companies that all form part of the eco-system for the shift to Platform 3.0.

We ensure these vendors have the support they need to help you deliver these solutions to your customers.

That takes a new generation of distributor; the Alpha Generation

Platform 3.0
Platform 3.0


Our vendors tackle real-world issues

Some of our vendors are impressive names. Others are true innovators that will change the security landscape forever. But we don’t work with them because they make us sound good. We work with them because their products are the most effective solutions to the problems organisations face.

  • They make life easier
  • They cut costs dramatically
  • And they keep businesses protected.

You want to

protect your critical infrastructure.

Everybody’s online. Your competitors and your customers certainly are. But in a world where we’re all connected, we’re all open to new risks.

Application vulnerabilities give attackers new weaknesses to exploit. Age-old methods like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks get more sophisticated and bigger in scale. You’re facing more risk, more disruption, and more damage to your business.

Our solutions give you a way to tackle the ever-present threats that come with an always-on connection and a multi-device, BYOD climate. And they’re equipped to detect and mitigate even the most complicated, multi-vector attacks.

You want to

fight the very latest threats

The threat landscape changes fast. Where anti-virus software and firewalls were once enough, it takes more to protect modern organisations. Flexera Software, Corporate Software Inspector lets you uncover vulnerable applications that could allow attackers into your network – and secure them in seconds.

So you can stay defended against the latest threats – the ones that come from within.

You want to

spend less time on security

Time is precious. So you don’t want to spend hours trawling through consoles as you monitor your network. And when an attack is in progress, you need to react fast.

All of the solutions our vendors provide are designed to make security simple. From turning security information into real intelligence, automated patch management through to access control that takes care of itself.

So you’ve got more time to focus on what really matters.

You want to

stay productive without risking your security

Keeping risks down often means putting barriers up. As you enforce your policies, it’s all too easy to change the way people work. And while security is essential, it takes more than that for an organisation to thrive.

That’s why the solutions we offer get in the way of the attackers, without getting in the way of anybody else. Some encrypt data invisibly, with secure identities available everywhere. Others automatically block untrusted devices, so you can encourage a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) spirit, without bringing new threats into your organisation.

And your people can keep doing what they do best. But safer.

You want to

meet your compliance obligations

With the demands of compliance, it’s not enough to keep data secure.

You need to define your policies and enforce them, but also keep a detailed account of how exactly that’s being achieved. All of our solutions were designed to make your organisation more secure so, by definition, they make you more compliant. They comply with standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and many more.

But they also include features like centralised management and detailed monitoring, so you’re always ready for that audit.

You want to

reduce IT and helpdesk costs.

Security can be expensive.

When you’re responding to the very latest threats, you need the latest technology. From costly hardware units to a suite of different software products, the best security is layered. But every layer comes at a cost.

And it doesn’t stop with implementation. Once your security is in place, you need to monitor and manage it every day.

Our solutions give you new ways to improve efficiency, streamline workloads, and reduce both cost of ownership and ongoing expense.