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Protect your core network against DDoS

Corero. Next-generation DDoS protection. Always-on. Always ready.

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IT security that works

Increase security and simplify compliance with privileged access control

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Our IT Security Vendors

Our world-class IT security vendors deliver in-demand protection for the biggest challenges that businesses face.

Their industry-leading technologies give businesses the advantage of better visibility, more control, increased accountability. All with a proactive attitude that’s designed to remove risk and prevent breaches – not just raise the alarm when one has already happened.

So businesses can work and collaborate with confidence – and without compromising on keeping data and systems safe.


Revolutionary micro-vm based endpoint security

Founded by leaders in virtualisation, Bromium is transforming the security space with a truly innovative approach to today’s extensive malware attacks. Where other vendors focus on detect and protect with mixed results, Bromium accepts the reality that detection will always be flawed.

The answer is a platform that doesn’t focus on stopping malware, but instantly disarms the threat it poses. Through micro-virtualisation, Bromium has achieved the seemingly impossible balance between 100% successful security and zero impact on users or workflow.

It’s a fresh way of thinking that reflects the future of cyber security – and already protects against the attack vectors the hackers will think of tomorrow.


Protecting your core infrastructure against DDoS

Corero provides compact yet powerful appliances for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation. At an extremely competitive price point that lets everyone from internet service providers to smaller businesses take responsibility for their own security.

Corero’s technology offers real-time visibility over what’s happening on your network, enhanced analytics to identify potential attacks, and sophisticated mitigation to eliminate attack traffic before it impacts on service.

And with modular appliances, you can get protection that suits your business, with extensive scalability.

CoSoSys LogoCoSoSys

Award-winning Data Loss Prevention

For more than a decade, CoSoSys has been giving businesses simple, frustration-free ways to keep confidential data contained and to reduce the risk of intentional or accidental data leakage.

With Endpoint Protector’s powerful modules, you can dramatically increase your control and governance wherever your sensitive data may go – not just Windows, macOS, and Linux workstations, but also the cloud, and mobile devices.

So you can let users work however they need to without your data being exposed.


Redefining authentication

With a history of innovation, the Hitachi Security Business group develops game-changing technologies to help organisations stay secure.

With Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication, the company leverages two decades of experience in finger vein biometrics to redefine the way users authenticate their identities. From logging into Windows to day-to-day applications, Hitachi Hand Gesture Authentication takes passwords out of the hands on users – and instead uses their hands a unique, impossible to imitate token.

All with no need for specialised hardware or a costly implementation.


Award-winning Data Auditing and Monitoring

Putting data at the heart of data security, Lepide is the fastest-growing Data Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) provider in the industry – testament to an approach that’s effective, proven and keeping over 5,000 businesses safe worldwide.

With LepideAuditor, you’ll get real-time answers to the questions that matter most – like who has access to your data and what is happening with it right now. And with customised alerts when data usage changes, you can stay-one step-ahead of misuse or accidental leakage.

All backed by ready-made compliance reporting to make audits simple and straightforward.


Trusted security for networks, endpoints and data

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Space and Defence, Stormshield is a proven, trusted provider of security to the world’s biggest enterprises and public bodies. The company’s vision is multi-layered collaborative security – a joined-up approach where every layer of your protection works seamlessly together.

Across Stormshield Network Security, Stormshield Endpoint Security and Stormshield Data Security, it’s protection that’s designed for blended, advanced attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), whether you’re starting small or growing your security for a huge infrastructure.

All in a range of competitively-priced, proven products that meet the highest standards of European certification.


Privileged Account Management and password security

Thycotic IT security and password management solutions enables companies to remove the complexities that go with proper access control and management of privileged accounts.

With Thycotic companies now have a way to reduce the administrative burden of managing privileged accounts, resetting end-user passwords, and provisioning users within Active Directory groups.

From creating accountability for privileged users to putting repetitive password-reset tasks into the hands of end-users, Thycotic’s tools maximise access control while providing new ways to minimise costs.

All while increasing security and maintaining the compliance you need.


Putting people at the centre of your IT security

Based on decades on hands-on infosec experience, usecure has developed a cyber security awareness platform that’s built around your users.

Using sophisticated automation, usecure delivers targeted, relevant content that drives learner engagement and, above all else, influences secure behaviour.

So you can empower users to become a valuable link of defence, not a weak link in your security stack.