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Protect your core network against DDoS

Corero. Next-generation DDoS protection. Always-on. Always ready.

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Complete vulnerability intelligence

Insight into all your non-Microsoft application vulnerabilities and a streamlined way to eliminate them

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Flexera Software
Flexera Software

IT security that works

Increase security and simplify compliance with privileged access control

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Our Vendor Partners

At Alpha Generation, we work with world-class IT security vendors delivering in-demand security products

We’ve chosen our vendors because they bring something different to the UK. Some of them provide security you can’t get anywhere else. Some make staying secure an easier, more convenient task.

And they all provide an impressive approach to the IT security that matters to you most.


Giving you the insights you need to stay secure

BlackStatus is a unique presence in the IT security landscape, with unrivalled experience in working with managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises. So they combine innovative technology with proven reliability – the things that matter most to businesses.

BlackStratus makes it easier for businesses to bring security intelligence to a centralised location, then turn that raw data into real intelligence by uncovering trends and patterns.

What’s more, for MSPs, BlackStratus offers its proven security as a white-label, cloud-based service – so you can deliver enterprise-level protection with costs that suit small businesses.

So you’re always armed with the knowledge it takes to make informed decisions and protect your critical infrastructure.


Revolutionary micro-vm based endpoint security

Founded by leaders in virtualisation, Bromium is transforming the security space with a truly innovative approach to today’s extensive malware attacks. Where other vendors focus on detect and protect with mixed results, Bromium accepts the reality that detection will always be flawed.

The answer is a platform that doesn’t focus on stopping malware, but instantly disarms the threat it poses. Through micro-virtualisation, Bromium has achieved the seemingly impossible balance between 100% successful security and zero impact on users or workflow.

It’s a fresh way of thinking that reflects the future of cyber security – and already protects against the attack vectors the hackers will think of tomorrow.


Protecting your core infrastructure against DDoS

Corero provides compact yet powerful appliances for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation. At an extremely competitive price point that lets everyone from internet service providers to smaller businesses take responsibility for their own security.

Corero’s technology offers real-time visibility over what’s happening on your network, enhanced analytics to identify potential attacks, and sophisticated mitigation to eliminate attack traffic before it impacts on service.

And with modular appliances, you can get protection that suits your business, with extensive scalability.


Actionable intelligence. Automated patch management

Flexera Software takes the complexity out of eliminating application vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft applications.

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager organises alerts and notifications whenever vulnerabilities are found in more than 50,000 applications and devices. Meanwhile, Corporate Software Inspector is a comprehensive tool for discovering applications, uncovering their vulnerabilities, and applying patches in record time.

So people can stay ahead of the attackers and close application vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.


Trusted security for networks, endpoints and data

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Space and Defence, Stormshield is a proven, trusted provider of security to the world’s biggest enterprises and public bodies. The company’s vision is multi-layered collaborative security – a joined-up approach where every layer of your protection works seamlessly together.

Across Stormshield Network Security, Stormshield Endpoint Security and Stormshield Data Security, it’s protection that’s designed for blended, advanced attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), whether you’re starting small or growing your security for a huge infrastructure.

All in a range of competitively-priced, proven products that meet the highest standards of European certification.


Privileged Account Management and password security

Thycotic IT security and password management solutions enables companies to remove the complexities that go with proper access control and management of privileged accounts.

With Thycotic companies now have a way to reduce the administrative burden of managing privileged accounts, resetting end-user passwords, and provisioning users within Active Directory groups.

From creating accountability for privileged users to putting repetitive password-reset tasks into the hands of end-users, Thycotic’s tools maximise access control while providing new ways to minimise costs.

All while increasing security and maintaining the compliance you need.