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BlackStratus LOG Storm

Sophisticated log management for businesses of any size.

A log by itself isn’t very useful. It’s when you pull logs together from all your devices that patterns start to emerge. That you can identify weaknesses in your security posture. The signs of an attack. And opportunities for remediation.

But a manual approach can only get you so far. Driving real insight from your logs means collecting every file fast, transporting it to a centralised location, and taking advantage of automation to take care of analysis on your behalf.

With BlackStratus LOG Storm, you can get powerful log management with powerful correlation technology and reporting. All in a single appliance. And with a choice of hardware appliances to suit your traffic and your network infrastructure, there’s a deployment every business and every budget.

A powerful log management appliance.

That simplifies your security.

Fast capture with outstanding scalability

If your network is complex or distributed, you need log management that can keep up. With fast events per second (EPS) performance and out of the box support for all the network devices you’re already using.

That’s why BlackStratus LOG Storm was built with speed in mind – and offers the fastest EPS performance of any platform on the market today.

Intelligent analysis and event correlation

It’s not just raw data that you’re looking for. All of the logs you collect need to be assessed for the potential signs of a security issue.

So BlackStratus LOG Storm combines fast log collection with the MetaRules correlation engine – an advanced logic system that can spot the patterns of an attack while there’s still time to take action.

Keeping your business compliant

What are you doing to maintain governance over your infrastructure – and maintain your security? With the demands of compliance, you’ll need to prove that to your auditors.

BlackStratus LOG Storm includes quick and easy templates for compliance reporting, from ISO to SOX, GLBA, and many more.

Better insights. Fewer false-positives.

With intelligent log analysis.

BlackStratus LOG Storm can capture, transport, and store your logs from thousands of different devices. But what really matters is the insight those logs give you – and LOG Storm helps you to uncover trends and patterns with ease.

Using a proprietary MetaRules technology, the appliance takes the data from your individual devices and assesses it in the context of your network and regular usage. Then, BlackStratus LOG Storm prioritises events and groups threats in clear, easy to understand threads.

So you can find the most important information faster – without the clutter of raw data or day-to-day activity.

No-fuss deployment.

Designed around your network.

Every network is unique. When you’re adding log management capabilities, you need to make sure that your deployment will reach even the most distant distributed devices.

BlackStratus LOG Storm is available in a range of different hardware appliances, so you can find the perfect fit for your existing IT. From LOG Storm Express, a compact 1U rack-mountable appliance for smaller traffic volumes, to LOG Storm Enterprise, a capable platform for large-scale global deployments.

You can even use BlackStratus LOG Storm as a flexible virtual appliance – reducing your capital expenditure and giving you an even faster time to value.

15 minutes

is all it takes to set up the BlackStratus LOG Storm virtual appliance


network devices supported right out of the box


appliances and deployment options to suit your organisation’s demands