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Proven innovation in security through micro-virtualisation

Bromium Overview

The would-be attackers that organisations need to protect themselves from are relentless. From developing new methods of attack to uncovering never-before-seen exploits, their creativity and drive to cause you operational, financial, and reputational damage knows no bounds.

Bromium’s game-changing approach to IT security matches that relentlessness and then some, fundamentally rethinking what constitutes good security – and how we should go about protecting our networks. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Ian Pratt and Simon Crosby – The Godfathers of Virtualization.

All of this in a platform that’s refreshingly unobtrusive and simple to use – not an obstacle for your workforce to cope with, but a level of security that empowers them to click, download and work with confidence.

Bromium Secure Platform

Instantly disarm any malware threat

It’s impossible to keep up with every new form of malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and spear-phishing techniques. Instead, Bromium Secure Platform effectively neutralises the threat posed by today’s attacks by isolating user activity with hardware-enforced micro-virtualisation.

So your users are empowered to work however they need to, with zero risk of even zero-day attacks compromising your network.

Bromium is ahead of the curve

with a vision that outpaces technology

Bromium’s revolutionary approach to security is the definition of forward-thinking. In fact, when the concept of micro-virtualisation was developed in 2010, it pushed the boundaries of what was possible with endpoint processing power available at the time.

Today, your PCs are more capable then ever of supporting the Bromium platform, with an insignificant impact on performance. The new Bromium is a creative approach matched with the right technology, at the right time.

So you can get the same level of security that is already being used by global banks and superpower government agencies.

Revolutionary virtualisation-based security

Recognised by leading information security specialists