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Bromium Secure Platform

Instantly disarm the malware threat with application isolation and control

Bromium Secure Platform Overview

Bromium Secure Platform is truly proactive security – unique, hardware-enforced micro-virtualisation application isolation that empowers your users to work confidently with zero risk of malware exploiting your hosts and network.

Where other, signature-based, platforms struggle to detect ever-changing malware, Bromium doesn’t busy itself with detection. Instead your users can browse the web and access files in secure virtualised containers, so any attack can only infect the container, which is destroyed when the window is closed. Along with any malware present.

Without disrupting productivity or relying on user caution, you can:

Icon - Protection

Protect your network against malware, APTs, spear phishing, zero-day exploits, and application vulnerabilities

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Get the advantage of threat intelligence gathered on your endpoints

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Improve visibility with real-time monitoring – without the need for a costly back end

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Finally get ahead of the attackers by disarming even never-before-seen, and zero-day attacks

Billions of micro-virtualised application containers have already been created with Bromium Secure Platform.

And zero malware escapes have been reported.

An always-evolving attack landscape

that’s impossible to keep up with


exploits to increase from one per week in 2015 to one per day in 2021

Source: Digital Defense Inc. press release January 2017


increase in ransomware between January 2016 and November 2016

Source: 2017 State of Malware Report – Malwarebytes Labs

4.2 seconds

Every 4.2 seconds a new specimen of malware emerges

Source: G Data Security Blog – April 2017

When attacks change so quickly, your attackers will always be one step ahead.
Unless you make any past, present, and future attack ineffective.

Keep attackers away from your data

by letting them attack a fruitless target

Bromium Secure Platform doesn’t try to pre-empt what attackers will do or how they’ll get malware onto your network. It simply lets them do their thing in a secure, inescapable, hardware-VM isolated container that has no impact on the endpoint, or your network.

Using micro-virtualisation, computing becomes disposable. Your users work files or use the internet in a secure container that’s invisible on the endpoint. Then, when they close the tab, window, or application, the entire container – and any malware it may contain – is destroyed.

If other approaches are intricate but inconsistent bomb defusal, this is a brutal-yet-brilliant controlled explosion.

Bromium Secure Platform gives you:

Complete protection against malware
with all user activity – and attacks – isolated from your endpoints, servers, and network.

Instant defence across every attack surface
Including browsing the web, dealing with emails, and working with files and PDFs.

Transparent protection
with a lightweight client that doesn’t slow your users down, limit their activity, or expect them to maintain your security.

Powerful real-time monitoring
to help you detect and respond to threats already on the network, and understand the threats with containers.

Reduce total cost of ownership
with intelligence collected on your endpoints, eliminating the need for expensive data centres.

Quick and easy deployment
so you can start protecting your network instantly without user training.

A complete platform for threat isolation

across the web, files and your wider network

Bromium Secure Platform is made up of three key components, each using Bromium’s game-changing micro-virtualisation to isolate threats and keep your organisation secure.

Bromium Secure Browsing

For the web, Bromium Secure Browsing fully isolates user activity in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Every window and tab runs as its own micro-VM container, with no access to the host or operating system, let alone the network.

When the window or tab is closed, the container is destroyed, along with any malware.

As a result, browser exploits, malware, ransomware, and zero-day vulnerabilities are disarmed and destroyed.


Bromium Secure Files

From malicious email attachments to damaging documents on a USB drive, files that are opened on endpoints can be notoriously damaging.

Bromium Secure Files lets your users open and work with files wherever they come from – with complete certainty that any hidden threats are contained and isolated from the network.

So when your endpoint malware detection fails, you’re still protected when malicious files find their way in.


Bromium Secure Monitoring

For security teams, visibility and intelligence are everything. But capturing intelligence is historically time-consuming and analysing it in-depth comes with the huge cost of back-end data centres.

Bromium Secure Monitoring captures and analyses data on your endpoints, turning hosts into a comprehensive sensor network.

So you get real-time monitoring and alerting, detailed application flow analysis, and fast-file quarantine.


Trusted by expert consultants and enterprises

from financial institutions to world superpowers

Bromium isolated 100% of advanced attacks in our independent testing.

NSS Labs

Bromium is the most significant advancement in security in decades.

Bob Bigman, former CISO, CIA

Bromium is the only product we own that gives us real confidence the endpoint is protected.

Global Security Head. JPMC

If you can’t remove malware, remove the threat it poses.

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