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CensorNet Unified Security Service

One dashboard for all your critical security

CensorNet Unified Security Service is an integrated suite of protection, giving you visibility and control over cloud applications, the web, email, and user authentication.

From a single dashboard, you’ll get a view of risks and attacks wherever they’re coming from. So you can analyse and understand the threats you’re facing in context.

It’s a scalable, flexible platform where you can:

  • Centralise your security to get joined-up real-time visibility
  • Add a layer of protection to all the ways your users work
  • Design and implement granular security policies
  • Conveniently report on your security for compliance

All from one easy to use interface that makes administration simple.

Cloud Application Control

Adopt cloud services with confidence

The cloud brings with it new ways to work, new levels of productivity, and new opportunities. But it also brings new challenges for security, visibility and governance.

CensorNet Cloud Application Control is a module that sits between your infrastructure and cloud services. With continuous monitoring and analytics, you can see what your users are doing, understand which services present the biggest risk, and then enforce your tailored usage policies.

CensorNet Cloud Application Control gives you:

Increased visibility

with automated cloud application discovery and categorisation.

Control over BYOD

with a built-in Captive Portal feature to bring devices under your governance.

Granular control

from policies based on cloud app categories to restrictions on specific actions.

Risk insights

from the CensorNet team, including easy to understand risk scores per application.

Instant alerts

when events don’t fit typical user behaviour and activity in the cloud.

Contextual intelligence

On how the cloud is used alongside email and the web.

Web Security

Take control without compromising convenience

Your users want seamless, fast connectivity whether they’re sitting in your office or out on the road. And that doesn’t have to be at odds with your security and control.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations, CensorNet Web Security enforces your policies based on the websites users can access while intelligently detecting online threats and malware on-the-fly. All in a flexible cloud gateway or installed as an agent on devices.

CensorNet Web Security gives you:

URL-based filtering

drawing on a database of billions of web addresses.

Proactive analysis

including advanced image scanning and predictive heuristics to spot and stop malware.

Detailed audit trails

that cover every connection, action, and threat.

Easier reporting

to help you meet your compliance obligations.

Fast browsing

with no proxy to slow down your users or interfere with productivity.

The advantage of human expertise

with web content inspected by real people.

Email Security

Multi-layered protection against data leakage and phishing

With hundreds of emails sent every day, it’s no wonder that attackers see inboxes as a lucrative attack vector. They prey on human error – but the right technology can intervene before your data is exposed.

CensorNet Email Security keeps you protected against the wide variety of threats that target email accounts. So you can scan every email for a virus, assess the reputation of embedded links, and even analyse the content of each email. All from one easy to manage cloud-based dashboard and no hardware or software to install.

CensorNet Email Security gives you:

Email virus scanning

with infected emails instantly sent to a secure quarantine.

Content scanning

to detect malicious links and potentially sensitive content.

Spam filtering

to protect your bandwidth and unclutter inboxes.

A single dashboard

for visibility and control over every email threat.

Cloud and on-premise compatibility

so you can secure every email, whichever service you’re using.

Emergency email

with a backup inbox to keep your staff productive if email goes down.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure the accounts that give attackers access to your estate

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer to user access. But every login attempt comes with valuable context that could tell you whether you should trust the user.

CensorNet Multi-Factor Authentication takes all of this context into consideration – from IP addresses and geo-location to the type of system that’s being accessed. So while your users get the convenience of fast logins with their passwords and a One-Time Passcode (OTP), CensorNet allows or denies access based on a more accurate picture.

CensorNet Multi-Factor Authentication gives you:

More exhaustive authentication

that considers the multitude of clues that could indicate an attempted breach.

Flexible geo-fencing

so you can block access from high-risk regions.

Contextual OTPs

with validation periods based on context and codes tied to individual session IDs for maximum security.

Real-time passcodes

generated once usernames and passwords are validated – with no seed files to hack.

Easy provisioning

with one-click Active Directory and LDAP integration.

Real-time reporting and alerting

on everything from system usage to trends in login attempts.

360 degree IT security

trusted by hundreds of businesses

CensorNet takes a really unique approach when it comes to designing its solutions – leads to much more flexible protection.

– Gertjan Minkels, Solutions Architect, Cloetta

The solution was very straightforward to implement. The product just works.

– Tim Bond, Head of IT, Capsticks

Ransomware activity has been zero since the migration to CensorNet.

– Christopher Szal, Senior Engineer, Welch’s Foods

Control and monitor every attack vector.

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