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Pioneers in global network security and DDoS protection.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is nothing new. But the scale of the problem is changing fast. Attacks and botnets are bigger. Easier to launch. Available to any attacker, with no specialist expertise required.

And that means the targets are changing. It’s not just internet service providers and huge corporations. If you’re connected, you’re a potential target. So it’s time to take a more proactive approach to DDoS protection and mitigation.

With its range of SmartWall appliances, Corero can improve your visibility and equip you with powerful threat analysis. Then, if an attack is underway, the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System can step in to deliver 1-10Gbps, full-duplex mitigation.

All in a compact and competitively priced unit.

Advanced DDoS protection.

That’s ready for the most advanced threats.

SmartWall Threat Defense System

As attacks get bigger and more sophisticated, your infrastructure needs protection that can cope with large-scale attacks and mitigate infrastructure and application layer attacks alike. With the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System, you can get scalable, always-on detection and protection.

So you’re ready to act fast, whatever the size of the threat.

SmartWall Network Forensics

To identify an attack in progress, you need to analyse and understand the traffic that’s coming into your network. It’s not just scale and volume – it’s the nature of the traffic that counts. With the Corero SmartWall Network Forensics Appliance, you can index 100% of the packets at 10Gbps rates.

So you can spot trends, unusual usage patterns, and threats.

Award-winning DDoS detection and protection.

For ISPs, hosting providers, and enterprises.

Corero Network Security is an established pioneer in the field of DDoS detection and protection. Its innovative SmartWall suite forms a robust first line of defence for a wide range of threats, from volumetric attacks to complex, multi-vector, multi-layer attacks.

But, crucially, Corero makes this powerful security available in a compact appliance at a competitive price point. So a wide range of organisations can benefit:

  • Service Providers can protect core infrastructure and deliver cloud-based DDoS protection to their customers
  • Hosting companies can deliver enterprise-grade DDoS protection to their customers, ideal for differentiation and adding value
  • Enterprises can take control of their DDoS strategy with an appliance that’s small, efficient, and affordable enough to run in-house

Anyone can be a potential DDoS target. And, with Corero, anyone can be protected.

The scale of the DDoS threat.

And why detection and mitigation matter.


The average number of DDoS attacks experienced by Corero customers in Q4 2014

125 Gbps

The scale of Spike-based campaigns launched against hosts in Asia and the USA


Of DDoS victims temporarily lose access to critical business information