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Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense System

Your first line of defence against DDoS attacks

Some attackers are hacktivists. Others are looking for financial gain. Some just want to cause chaos. But, when you’re under attack, motivations don’t matter. What’s important is detecting attack traffic, cleansing it from your network, and maintaining the service your customers expect.

Of course, it’s not that easy. Outdated scrubbing is too slow to keep up with the short, intense profiles of modern attacks. Meanwhile, the sheer volume of traffic involved in an attack could be too much for your existing protection to handle.

The Corero SmartWall Network Threat Defense System (TDS) gives you real-time detection and mitigation, designed around the latest DDoS threats. Incoming packets are scanned and analysed and, if they appear to be part of an attack, they’re blocked from entering your network.

Complete DDoS protection. With massive scalability. All in a compact ¼ wide 1 RU form factor to save space.

Addressing modern DDoS attacks

With complete coverage in a single appliance.

Defense against large-scale attacks

Bot-nets are getting bigger. The sheer volume of traffic that can be targeted at your infrastructure has grown to astonishing levels. So you need to be prepared to fend off even the biggest multi-gigabit attacks.

Corero SmartWall TDS delivers 1-10Gbps full-duplex performance, with unparalleled scalability of up to 1Tbps in a single rack.

Defence against short multi-vector attacks

Today, more and more DDoS attacks are short yet significant. According to Corero, 66% of attacks last less than five minutes, but use complex, multi-vector techniques. As a result, a fast response is essential.

Corero SmartWall TDS monitors all the traffic coming into your network in real-time, so you can shorten the gap between detection and mitigation – and eliminate threats before the damage is done.

Defence across Layers 3-7

Attacks don’t just come in at the infrastructure layer. As well as the TCP and UDP Flood attacks that were once a mainstay of the attacker’s arsenal, there has been a significant increase in application layer attacks that are harder to detect and mitigate.

SmartWall TDS provides blanket coverage for a huge range of attacks. All in the same efficient appliance.


Next-generation DDoS protection

Always-on. Always ready.

A successful DDoS attack is a significant danger. Victims lose money. And reputation. And business.

So as attacks become more sophisticated, your defence needs to do the same.

SmartWall TDS is a 1-10Gbps full-duplex appliance, leveraging Smart-Rule and Flex-Rule technology to detect and filter attack traffic. It’s capable of defending your organisation against even the biggest, most sophisticated attacks.

But while it’s big on performance, it’s small where it counts. Compact enough to slot into your rack with a ¼ wide, 1 RU form factor. And available at an extremely competitive price point.

So the scale of defence you need is within your reach.

SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance

Keeping you connected. Continuously.

SmartWall TDS is the foundation of Corero’s suite of DDoS detection and protection appliances. And with the SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance, you can be sure your network is always-on.

The SmartWall Network Bypass Appliance offers complete network connectivity protection, keeping you online when frontline equipment fails, power goes out, or planned maintenance takes place.

Just configure the most appropriate detection method and response, from programmatic and manual bypasses to power-failure bypass and automatic heartbeat protection.

So you can sit back and trust SmartWall to step in when it needs to.

Director of Operations
Web Hosting Company

Since we put SmartWall TDS into place, we have not had one customer adversely affected by any DDoS attacks.

IT Manager
Local Government

As new attacks emerge, I am counting on Corero. I know they have my back.

Technical Manager
Web Hosting Company

The Corero solution gives us this extra layer of defence that most other hosting providers don’t offer.