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Get to know the dangers of application vulnerabilities

Get your free copy of the Flexera Vulnerability Review to see the scale of the vulnerability threat

Get my copy of the Flexera Vulnerability Review 2017
Flexera Vulnerability Review 2017
Flexera Vulnerability Review 2017


Application packaging and deployment, consistent installer creation, and world-class vulnerability management.

Predictable application deployment

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As environments get more complicated and the number of devices and platforms continues to soar, it’s harder then ever to predictably deploy and managed applications. Flexera AdminStudio Suite gives you the advantage of automation for faster and more predictable rationalisation, packaging, compatibility testing, and deployment

So you can deliver service more efficiently, with consistent results and performance.

The industry standard for creating consistent installers

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When developers want to build tools to install, uninstall and update their applications, they turn to InstallShield. Already used to install more than 500,000,000 applications, it’s the fastest and easiest way to make MSI and EXE installers, virtualise software, and bring software to your customers.

All from one intuitive graphical interface that’s quick to learn yet surprisingly sophisticated.

Award-winning security

From free application vulnerability detection to streamlined scanning to complete patch management.

Tracking, identifying and re-mediating vulnerable applications means bridging the gap between IT Security and IT Operations. Software Vulnerability Manager brings them together with verified intelligence, accurate scanning, prioritisation and remediation in a single, comprehensive platform.

The next-generation of patch management, Corporate Software Inspector discovers third-party applications on large infrastructures, identifies vulnerabilities, and intelligently applies patches starting with the most critical.

So, you can take a seamless, joined-up stance on software vulnerabilities – and resolve them before they’re exploited.

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It takes care of patch management from end-to-end – so you don’t have to

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Personal Software Inspector scans individual computers to find known application vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft applications – and provides the patches to fix them. Your applications are always checked against live, up-to-date intelligence – so you don’t need to update PSI every time new vulnerabilities are uncovered.

When you’re drowning in alerts and notifications, it’s the one you miss that could leave your network exposed and at risk. Covering more than 50,000 systems and applications, Vulnerability Intelligence Manager uses intelligent reporting to give you the instant alerts you need.

It’s enterprise-grade security available to everyone.
For free

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So you only see the alerts that are relevant to your network, and none that aren’t

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The Secunia Research Team

Up-to-the-minute intelligence

Sorry Symantec. Apologies Adobe.

The Secunia Research Team has uncovered all those critical vulnerabilities that your in-house testing somehow missed.

Bringing together leading security specialists, the Secunia Research Team inspects open and closed-source software to find new vulnerabilities. After all, that’s exactly what attackers will be doing.

This guarantees that Flexera’s products are always using the latest data – and users are protected against the latest threats.

Vulnerable Verticals

Who needs vulnerability and patch management?

Financial Services

The undisputed quality of the Secunia feed makes the intelligence actionable across all platforms, regardless of vendors. Such intensive research is currently not provided by the software vendors themselves.

– Head of Threat Analysis & Forensic at Commerzbank


We’ve been able to understand the landscape in our software environment and make business decisions about risk with a full understanding of the situation. Secunia CSI has removed difficult, time-consuming process steps from our workflow.

– Stephen Kavanah, IT Manager at Oxford University’s Anthropology Department

Local Government

As a local authority we have a large and complex IT infrastructure. Secunia reduces the resource burden when deploying software and security updates across so many systems.

Liz Holmes, ICT Security & Compliance at North East Lincolnshire Council

Energy & Utilities

The ability to view all software and track the assessment of all vulnerabilities and patches in one place is essential to ensure NERC compliance.

– Lisa Capristo, IT Security & Compliance Manager at Tucson Electric Power Company