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Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

The industry’s most extensive vulnerability coverage.

When it comes to application vulnerabilities, it’s not enough to have a partial picture.

It’s not enough to patch your Microsoft applications and ignore your third-party software. Just a single vulnerability could be the one that lets attackers in. So it’s good to be in-the-know. But to really stay secure, you need to be a know-it-all.

Flexera Vulnerability Intelligence Manager gives you flexible real-time alerts direct from Secunia Research.

And with coverage for more than 50,000 systems and applications, you’ll never miss a thing.

100% Visibility

Every application. Every asset. Every vulnerability.

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager helps you to:

Identify Vulnerabilities

With the Secunia Research Team as your single source of verified data, Vulnerability Intelligence Manager gives you real-time alerts whenever a vulnerability is discovered.

So whether you’re on the dashboard or on-the-move, you know where you stand.

Prioritise Your Resources

Save time with filters that alert you to the vulnerabilities that matter most. Use convenient account management to send alerts to the most relevant administrators.

And depend on our technical analysis to tell you how critical a threat is – and the risks you face.

Fix Vulnerabilities & Stay Secure

With a built-in ticketing system, you can effortlessly track vulnerability advisories – and follow-up activity – from one convenient interface.

So you can verify as patches are applied and, where there’s no patch to help, get expert advice on alternative remediation.

Actionable intelligence

Without the inconvenience

You haven’t got time to track every application on your infrastructure. You probably haven’t even got time to find all that third-party software that’s in use across every single device.

That’s why Vulnerability Intelligence Manager brings together all the information you need to protect against application vulnerabilities. All in one place.

So there’s no need to keep track of dozens of sources, or hundreds of advisories. There’s no need to spend your time keeping ahead of a fast-moving threat landscape. Just actionable intelligence, relayed to you in an instant.

Absolute certainty

Continuous alerts for complete confidence

The worst thing about tracking application vulnerabilities is that niggling sense of doubt. What if you’ve missed an application? What if there’s a new vulnerability you don’t know about?

What’s the true state of your infrastructure – and how dangerous are the things you’re missing?

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager offers the most extensive coverage, with continuous alerts for more than 50,000 applications – and that number’s always growing. So wherever and whenever a vulnerability surfaces, you’re instantly in the loop.

And because your applications are secure, you can focus your time where it really matters.

European Space Agency

The VIM provides our CERT team the timely, vulnerability information they need to focus on managing IT incidents, rather than hunting down information.

Deutsche Bundesbank

High quality information… rapid and extremely service-oriented response… Secunia’s services have proven to be particularly valuable to the Bundesbank.

Tucson Electric Power Company

By having a central place to go to find all security vulnerabilities for devices across the utility spectrum, Secunia VIM greatly reduces the manual effort involved in meeting the requirement to assess all vulnerabilities.