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Hitachi Security

Pioneering the future of digital security

Hitachi Security Business Group Overview

To protect against ever-evolving attacks, security needs to be constantly improving. But changing security technology isn’t just about innovation – it’s about taking relevant, mature solutions to market and motivating people to adopt them.

The Hitachi Security Business Group delivers industry-leading technologies to protect businesses against today’s biggest risks. But what sets them apart is the wealth of research and development that underpins every innovation.

With Hitachi VeinID Five, accurate finger vein recognition is available to everyone – biometrics without the cost or complexity of specialised devices, extensive implementation or an unwieldy authentication process that slows users down.

Hitachi VeinID Five

The quick, convenient and cost-effective way to say goodbye to passwords

In today’s sprawling digital world, using dozens of passwords is frustrating, time-consuming and not even all that secure. Hitachi VeinID Five gives you the advantage of proven finger vein biometrics with no need for specialised scanners. Just show your hand to a standard laptop or desktop camera and get authentication in seconds.

So you can instantly remove the risk and fatigue that comes with using passwords – while dramatically improving your authentication.

Two decades of finger vein technology

in one simple, easy-to-use solution

Hitachi VeinID Five is a new way to bring biometrics to every business – but it’s built on Hitachi’s mature VeinID technology, already used in banks and beyond.

Around the world, finger vein is used for everything from payments to physical access to vaults and trading floors. Organisations that take security seriously have already made the leap to biometrics. And now it’s time for everyone else to make insecure passwords a thing of the past.

A history of innovation

in finger vein technology


Finger vein first deployed in ATMs in Japan.


Finger vein readers launched in corporate banking for high-value transactions.


Hitachi VeinID Five makes finger vein accessible, convenient and cost effective.