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Hitachi VeinID Five

Get class-leading biometrics that’s refreshingly cost-effective

Hitachi VeinID Five Overview

An accessible way to transform authentication, Hitachi VeinID Five makes it quick, convenient and cost-effective to say goodbye to passwords.

Built for a world of cyber fatigue and leveraging Hitachi’s tried-and-tested finger vein technology, Hitachi VeinID Five makes access as simple as showing your palm. So your security is at an all time high while user complexity remains low.

It’s a trusted way to:

Start replacing passwords with biometric access

Start replacing passwords with biometric access.

Verify identities using the patterns of finger veins

Verify identities using the patterns of finger veins.

Integrate biometrics into Windows 10, Office 365 and Active Directory

Integrate biometrics into Windows 10, Office 365 and Active Directory.

Remove the risk of shared and stolen passwords

Remove the risk of shared and stolen passwords.

All without need for any specialised devices – just a standard laptop or desktop camera.

Passwords are bad for your security

and your users

50 years

of relying on hard-to-remember, easy-to-crack passwords


of breaches involve compromised passwords

22 passwords

to remember on average leading to password re-use and password fatigue

Something better than passwords is long overdue.
But it’s only possible if biometrics start delivering real benefits.

Wave goodbye to passwords

with fast, accurate finger vein biometrics

Hitachi VeinID Five isn’t just another short-lived attempt to reinvent authentication. It’s a proven, capable solution using technology that’s already trusted by some of the world’s biggest banks.

Unlike two-factor authentication, face scanning or fingerprint recognition, Hitachi VeinID Five strikes the balance between sophistication and simplicity. Finger veins are unique, identifiable and hard to replicate. And, crucially, they can be scanned in seconds with no specialised equipment.

It’s powerful biometric authentication – in a form that’s quick and easy to adopt.

Hitachi VeinID Five lets you:

Authenticate effortlessly with an accurate finger vein scan that’s complete in as little as 5 seconds.

Reduce your risk of breaches that arise from stolen credentials, from phishing to malware and ransomware.

Secure credentials with AES-256 bit encryption and passwords stored locally or remotely to match your needs.

Take security everywhere with no need for specialised devices and offline functionality when away from the network.

Integrate immediately with everything from physical access controls to Windows, Office 365, Active Directory and more.

Empower users to quickly gain access and get on with what really matters – no passwords to remember, no cyber fatigue.

Proven Hitachi VeinID technology,

now at its most flexible

Finger vein authentication isn’t new. It’s been refined over more than two decades. But Hitachi VeinID Five gives you the advantage of powerful biometrics that’s as flexible as it is secure.

Compatible with any 720p or better camera, Hitachi VeinID Five can integrate with almost any of your existing systems, from your OS to smart card solutions for access to physical locations. It can even be used when you’re away from the network, with offline authentication designed to keep people productive wherever they need to be.

It’s finger vein at its most versatile.

Effective finger vein biometrics

used by major financial institutions

We have strongly reduced access risks while improving trader productivity.

– Alain Bernard, Chief Security Officer, Natixis

We have shown the technology to a range of businesses and the interest and enthusiasm for the product is tremendous.

– Ashok Vaswani C, CEO Barclays Personal and Corporate Banking

20 years

of development and deployment for banks, retailers, telcos and more

The future of security is here.

Download the Hitachi data sheet now.