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Start your security with your data – and transform your visibility and control

LepideAuditor Overview

A growing name in Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP), LepideAuditor works where your organisation is really at risk – in the thick of all your unstructured data.

From insider threats to leakage, it’s sensitive data you’re trying to control. So LepideAuditor watches the ways people access, interact with and share data, proactively alerting you to unusual behaviour or automatically responding with custom script execution.

It’s an easy to use, cost-effective to deploy way to:

Icon - Sensitive Data

Get real insight and intelligence on how your sensitive data is being used

Icon - Increase Security

Increase security and detect breaches, malware and privilege misuse faster

Improve operations with a clearer view of configuration changes

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Report on your compliance with standards like GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and more

All in one comprehensive suite that can cover everything from Active Directory and file servers to cloud services like SharePoint.


What are your users doing

and how does that leave you exposed?


of breaches are caused by abused or misused accounts


year-on-year increase in the average cost of a data breach


of organisations don’t have a meaningful way to track privileged users

The way people interact with data and systems can present a huge risk. But few businesses have the visibility they need to understand what is happening.

Get real insight and intelligence

in one easy-to-use dashboard with automated reporting

LepideAuditor is built for the biggest auditing, monitoring and compliance challenges organisations face every day. Endlessly scalable, it gives you an overview of all your sensitive data and critical systems in one convenient location, on your desktop, your web browser, or through the mobile app.

It’s a single source of answers to the questions of who can access data, how they are using it, and where and when data is modified or shared. And, with features like threshold alerts and scheduled reporting, LepideAuditor keeps you one step ahead of bad actors, configuration changes, and breaches in progress.

LepideAuditor lets you:

Audit changes in critical systems and sensitive data with a dynamic live feed that shows you changes by platform, user, trend and more.

Find, assess and tag all your sensitive data by scanning for patterns like payment details, dates of birth, full names and more.

Get proactive alerts and notifications in real-time based on thresholds (like mass-movement of files) or specific individual events.

Analyse and track user permissions and privileged accounts with automatic detection so you can see who has access to what at every stage.

Take immediate action in the event of a breach by triggering scripts that automatically run based on tailored events, configuration changes or behavioural trends.

Generate compliance-ready reports to save time and money while meeting your auditing obligations for standards like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA and more.

See when something changes

across your estate and the cloud

In large, multi-site estates, data lives in more places than ever before. It’s no surprise that managing and monitoring how it’s used is a slow, costly task. LepideAuditor makes it easy – and cost-effective – across every major system and data repository.


  • Active Directory auditing
  • Group Policy auditing
  • Exchange server auditing
  • Fileserver auditing
  • NetApp auditing
  • SQL server auditing
  • SharePoint auditing
  • Session monitoring

In the Cloud

  • Office 365 auditing
  • Exchange Online auditing
  • SharePoint Online auditing
  • Azure AD auditing
  • OneDrive for Business auditing
  • Dropbox auditing
  • Amazon S3 auditing
  • G Suite auditing

Vital tools for IT management and control

included in LepideAuditor

LepideAuditor also includes complementary tools to streamline your operations and take the manual handling out of IT management.

You can clean inactive user accounts from Active Directory, or carry out a health check to keep your AD running properly. Automate reminders when Active Directory passwords are about to expire. Even discover the sensitive data you could be missing before flagging it in LepideAuditor for monitoring and alerting.

Effective monitoring, alerting and protection

used by over 5,000 of the world’s biggest organisations

We were able to get answers to all our questions and resolve issues that were otherwise impossible to fix with any other auditing software.

System Administrator, GD Research Center

LepideAuditor enables us to get an in-depth insight into changes being made in our overall IT infrastructure. 10 out of 10!

IT Manager, Bass Coast Health

LepideAuditor fulfilled all our monitoring and reporting needs by tracking deleted data and generating instant alerts.

System Administrator, BrandActiv

See what’s really happening with your sensitive data – sooner.

Download the LepideAuditor data sheet now.