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Fusing advanced technology with human insight

Orpheus Overview

When your technology is under attack, technology will also be a fundamental part of the answer. But sometimes there’s no substitute for human interpretation and intelligence. Effective, proactive security comes when technology is combined with the knowledge of a trusted, talented team.

With a history of ground-breaking threat intelligence and analysis, Orpheus brings together exhaustive threat and vulnerability data, then applies sophisticated Machine Learning and human assessment to create accurate and timely insight.

In short, Orpheus gives you the understandable, actionable intelligence you need to vet partners, monitor supply chain security, and stop your own cyber risks before they materialise.

Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating

Threat-led cyber risk ratings for you, your partners and clients

Every organisation faces cyber risk – but gauging that risk means making sense of numerous variables, from known vulnerabilities to industry-specific trends and threats. Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating gives you an informed assessment of risk for you and your partners, with the support of a Government-accredited team.

So you can remove risk across your business and relationships – and make informed decisions.

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Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence

Get answers to tactical, operational and strategic questions

Threat intelligence is about more than data. It’s about capturing, correlating and analysing data to spot the trends, threats and potential security weaknesses you face. Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence lets you visualise the cyber threats you face and get the complete picture.

So you know exactly what you’re up against – and can start protecting critical assets now.

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The only UK-government accredited

cyber threat intelligence company providing cyber risk rating

The Orpheus team comes with a wealth of experience. Its innovative products are already trusted by organisations of all sizes to secure the data and infrastructure they care about most.

What’s more, Orpheus is highly accredited by authorities in cybercrime and governance, including CREST, the FCA, the UK Government and many more.

Award-winning intelligence,

trusted by global organisations