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Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating

Get a more complete risk profile from  the only Government-accredited source

Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating Overview

A fundamentally fresh approach to risk, Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating gives you accurate, detailed insight that’s based on all the variables – not just known vulnerabilities.

Unlike traditional platforms, Orpheus accounts for threats themselves – from cybercrime levels in specific sectors to the behaviours of potential attackers. So you get a more cohesive view of risk across your own business, potential partners, and your entire supply chain.

It’s a simple-yet-sophisticated way to:

Icon - Rate

Rate risk based on threats, vulnerabilities and impact.

Icon - Support Idea

Back your decisions with at-a-glance cyber risk ratings or drill down for more insight.

Icon - Strategy

Use Orpheus’ expert guidance to inform your spending and strategy.

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Effectively stop cyber risks before they’re realised. Or exploited.

All with the level of accuracy you’d expect from a Government-accredited threat intelligence company.


Make informed decisions about

partners, your spend and your supply chain


is the average cyber security investments by medium business


of UK businesses haven’t conducted a cyber risk assessment in the last 12 months

60% +

of cyber attacks originate from risk in the supply chain

Businesses like yours are investing in security. But it’s impossible to target that spend or make smart decisions before you truly understand your cyber risk.

Take risk out of your supply chain

with the most accurate third-party risk ratings

Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating doesn’t just highlight vulnerabilities. It doesn’t just describe the threats that are out there. It provides relevant, ready-to-use insight that’s tailored to your existing or potential partners.

With a threat-led approach, it delivers a more accurate calculation of just how likely you, your partners, and other third-parties are to face a cyber attack. So you can feel more confident in your due diligence, protect your organisation against unnecessary exposure, and target your own investment where it is most critical.

Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating lets you:

Get accurate cyber risk ratings with advanced calculations that consider threats, vulnerabilities and impact at the same time.

Use at-a-glance numerical risk ratings as part of your due diligence for new partners, to inform your investment strategy, or to support your clients.

Take practical action to prevent attacks with detailed Cyber Risk Rating Summary reports that advise your next steps to reduce exposure.

Build a stronger supply chain with peace of mind that your partners are resilient, protected and in a position to deliver.

Show return on investment with decreasing risk ratings as your organisation acts on Orpheus’ recommendations

Start immediately with a convenient, scalable platform that doesn’t require implementation.

Go beyond the numbers

with easy-to-understand insight at every level

Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating makes understanding risk easy by turning it into a simple overall rating. But you can also delve deeper into the rich database of threats, known vulnerabilities, analyst-written intelligence reports.

As a result, you can get the level of detail that’s appropriate for your business, your partners, and the decisions you’re facing. Whether you’re wondering if data is on the Dark Web or just need timely notifications when you’re facing an imminent threat, it’s all in one comprehensive platform.

Accredited cyber risk ratings

from a Government-accredited team

I am pleased to provide this reference for Orpheus as an expert provider of cyber threat intelligence.

– UK Government Department

Orpheus provided precisely what was required.

– Global Cyber Security Company

Orpheus’ key staff have a wealth of experience providing first-rate threat intelligence.

– Global Cyber Security and Penetration Testing Company

Identify cyber security risk before it impacts your business.

Download the Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating data sheet now.