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Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence

Understand your IT security at strategic,  operational and tactical levels

Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence Overview

Much more than data, Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence combines comprehensive research with human expertise to get you ahead of the cyber security risks you face.

With intelligence from a huge range of sources, interpreted and catalogued by seasoned analysts, it’s a platform designed to answer your biggest strategic, operational and tactical questions. From current attack techniques to the status of your sensitive data and the potential impact of a breach on your business, it’s all just a click away.

It’s the most powerful way to:

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Reduce or even eliminate your cyber risk with true intelligence – timely, relevant, accurate, specific and actionable.

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Transform the deluge of data into useful insight, without the cost of in-house analysts

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Take a proactive approach to your IT security and eliminate cyber risks before they’re exploited.

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Get targeted intelligence that is matched to your vulnerabilities and the threats you face.

All-in-one award-winning platform that people around the world are already using to secure their critical assets.


Unlock actionable intelligence

without the cost of in-house analysts


of UK business don’t understand how or why their last cyber attack happened


increase in reported software vulnerabilities year-on-year

Up to £70,000

salary for just one experienced IT security analyst

It’s hard to make informed decisions – even when an attack has already happened. Businesses need a more practical, digestible way to get the level of insight they need.

Build a complete understanding of your IT security

with an award-winning cloud-based platform

Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence is more than an unwieldy, hard-to-navigate database of threat and vulnerability data. It’s the advantage of expert analysis, powerful Machine Learning, and practical reporting.

Orpheus leverages data on your infrastructure and vulnerabilities. It’s packed with data from across the security space, including code repositories, social media and the Dark Web. But what really matters is that you’re equipped with crystal-clear, actionable intelligence – useful conclusions and next steps, not a dump of data for you to interpret yourself.

Use Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence to

Make more informed decisions with timely, actionable intelligence on a tactical, operational and strategic level.

Stay ahead of attackers with real-time alerts on the known threats that may affect your business and require action.

Combine breadth and depth with an All-Source Intelligence Model that covers every source, from paste sites to the political landscape.

Go granular by delving into our database to conduct your threat research safely – and with analyst insight.

Measure risk with at-a-glance risk ratings for you as well as your partners or entire supply chain.

Share your position with automated weekly and monthly summaries, ideal for proving internal value.

Save your time and resources

by leveraging Orpheus’ industry leading expertise

From your web analytics to targeted advertising, every business knows that data can deliver huge value. But when it comes to the pace and complex world of security, it takes real skill – and time – to turn data into something useful.

Unlike traditional cyber threat intelligence companies, Orpheus has built Cyber Threat Intelligence around specialist experience and analysis. Using a combination of Machine Learning and hands-on human assessment, it’s a platform that gives you the intelligence you need, when you need it.

Award-winning technology

trusted by the most attacked organisations in the world

I am pleased to provide this reference for Orpheus as an expert provider of cyber threat intelligence.

– UK Government Department

Orpheus provided precisely what was required.

– Global Cyber Security Company

Orpheus’ key staff have a wealth of experience providing first-rate threat intelligence.

– Global Cyber Security and Penetration Testing Company

Spend your time acting on threats, not discovering them.

Download the Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence data sheet now.