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Stormshield Data Security

Encrypt your data to the highest levels, end-to-end

Stormshield Data Security


Stormshield Data Security gives you the highest standards of data encryption, wherever your business needs it.

While encryption may not be anything new, what makes Stormshield’s approach so unique is its sophistication, effectiveness, and reach. It’s not a piecemeal solution that only affects part of your infrastructure – it’s true end-to-end encryption across every platform.

With Stormshield Data Security, you can:

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Encrypt everything from user to recipient with robust cryptosystems like RSE, SHA-256 and HMAC

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Protect against man-in-the-middle attacks and data leaks

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Comply with standards like GDPR and ANSSI

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Let your workforce collaborate and communicate with confidence

It’s a comprehensive response to changing threats, increased sharing, and new – but risky – ways of working.


Your data is a valuable target

that’s at risk of accidental disclosure and theft


of data breaches caused by human error

Source: Deeper Dive: Human Error Is to Blame for Most Breaches – Data Privacy Monitor


average cost of a lost or stolen data record

Source: Cost of Data Breach Study – IBM


10 billion years

to decrypt HMAC-MD5-encrypted data

In a world where we share data more confidently, human error, malicious insiders, and external attackers put your data at risk.

Effective encryption makes your data worthless to everyone except your intended recipient.

Keep your sensitive data confidential

with robust encryption on every device

Stormshield Data Security gives you the flexibility to choose from three key elements that secure information in your enterprise, in the cloud, on the move, and in other applications.

Across Data Enterprise, Data Cloud & Mobility, and Data Connector, you can take powerful end-to-end encryption everywhere your data goes, with consistent security at every stage.

All underpinned by Stormshield Data Management Center – a central point of administration where you can view collaboration areas, automate policy management and control private keys.

Stormshield Data Security gives you:

Enterprise-grade encryption
including RSE (up to 4096 bit), AES-128 and AES-256, SHA-256, SHA-1 and HMAC.

Security outside the perimeter
with encryption that covers every file, every document, everywhere.

Guaranteed confidentiality
at all times, even if users share data inappropriately.

Simple group-based access
to encrypted data – ideal for separating projects and business units.

Flexible integration into existing software
with Data Connector to bring better data security to every system you use.

Time-saving administration and automation
with Stormshield Data Management Center to make your data traceable.

Consistent confidentiality

across three data security platforms

However you do business, your encryption should follow your data – not get in the way of collaboration. Stormshield provides three data security solutions to address your most pressing challenges.

Data Security Enterprise

Transparently integrated into your existing systems, Data Security Enterprise encrypts local and shared directories, as well as collaboration and communication tools.


Data Security for Mobility

As your workforce does more business on mobile devices, Data Security for Mobility brings on-device encryption to smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Data Connector

With Data Connector, take Stormshield’s proven, trusted and certified encryption to every application – including your bespoke line of business software and leading solutions like McAfee Data Loss Prevention.

Lock down your most sensitive data.

Download the Stormshield Data Security brochure now.