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Stormshield Endpoint Security

Add a critical layer of intelligent protection to your network

Stormshield Endpoint Security


Stormshield Endpoint Security is intelligent, behavioural protection that proactively detects cyber attacks on your endpoints – even if they’ve never been seen before.

Where your existing security systems like antivirus consider the signatures of known attacks, Stormshield Endpoint Security goes deeper. By capturing and logging every behaviour that takes place, it’s able to spot the patterns of an attack or exploit based on what’s really happening – not what a signature database says.

With Stormshield Endpoint Security, you can:


Icon - Compliance

Audit every behaviour and interaction on your endpoints

Icon - Protection

Get unique protection against zero-day attacks

Icon - End of Life

Protect your end-of-life systems with self-contained endpoint security

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Compliment your traditional security with next-generation, proactive detection and control

All in one easy to manage solution with no time-consuming signature database updates.


New malware and attacks

bypass traditional detect/protect security


Increase in ransomware in 2017

Source: 2017 Internet Security Threat Report – Symantec


more zero-day attacks in Q2 2017

Source: Zero-day attacks increase 40% – IT-Online

702 million

attempts to exploit application vulnerabilities in 2016

Source: Attacks exploiting software vulnerabilities are on the rise –

New, sophisticated attacks simply don’t appear in reactive signature databases.
If you’re only investing in traditional forms of security, you can never be truly prepared – or protected.

Block the methods attackers use

with proactive and unconnected endpoint protection

Stormshield Endpoint Security doesn’t busy itself with identifying known vulnerabilities on your workstations or checking in with remote databases. Instead, it looks for the techniques and tactics your attackers are most likely to use.

These could include corrupting memory to run malicious code, or connecting to suspicious remote servers. Whenever an endpoint’s behaviour doesn’t match the baseline of standard use, Stormshield Endpoint Security steps in to quarantine the threat instantly – whether you’re connected to the wider network and internet or not.

Stormshield Endpoint Security gives you:

Truly proactive security
that intelligently detects malicious actions and stops them with no user input.

Complete workstation control
by restricting end-user behaviours that aren’t in-line with your policies and procedures.

Stand-alone protection
that doesn’t require any connectivity to the internet or signature databases.

Consistent security
on mobile devices that aren’t covered by your firewall or on-site antivirus.

Reduced management costs
with less burden to apply security patches immediately.

Powerful reporting
to keep you up-to-date with the threats you’re facing and how Stormshield Endpoint Security is keeping you safe.

Real-time proactive protection

wherever you need it

Stormshield Endpoint Security complements your traditional firewalls, intrusion detection system (IDS) and antivirus – but also provides essential protection in those places your traditional security doesn’t reach.

As a completely signature-less, self-contained solution, Stormshield Endpoint Security is ideal for your offline and legacy systems, point-of-sale, and even industrial systems. No updates. No connections. And no threats that slip past your security.

That’s why it’s already being used by clients in sensitive fields like defence and critical infrastructure, as well as hundreds of smaller businesses.

Close the gap that signature-based security leaves

Download the Stormshield Endpoint Security data sheet now