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Stormshield Network Security

High-performance, Unified Threat Management Firewalls

Stormshield Network Security


Stormshield Network Security is best-of-breed Unified Threat Management that brings essential protection together in one place – from intrusion prevention to application control, web filtering, and next gen firewall.

Across the entire suite, technical performance is unparalleled – fast, responsive detection and protection in a compact hardware unit. But what really sets the range apart is the level of integration between individual solutions, offering multi-layered, collaborative security that’s designed for today’s joined-up attacks.

With Stormshield Network Security, you can:

Icon - Protection

Protect against a wide range of threats with one point of control and a low management overhead

Icon - Fast and Powerful

Get protection that keeps up with fast and powerful attacks

Icon - Scalable

Effortlessly scale your network security to match your business needs

Icon - Empower

Empower users to work however they need to, with confidence that every device is secured

It’s a balanced collection of products with consistent quality – so everyone from small businesses to huge corporations can get the protection you need.

New approaches to attacks

that make traditional firewalls fail


increase in average size of a data breach in 2017

Source: 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study


of people use their own devices at work

Source: BYOD alert: Confidential data on personal devices – CBS Interactive Inc.


of cyber attacks are a blended threat of hacking and phishing

Source: 10 Powerful Cyber Security Statistics – Luminet

Today’s attacks are bigger, more blended, and leverage more user devices than ever.

The right security needs the scale to mitigate large attacks and the agility to handle multiple threats.

Defend your network against every threat

with modular Unified Threat Management firewalls

Stormshield Network Security isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a collection of products that lets you tailor your security to your business and your budget – then grow effortlessly over time.

Defend your start-up with a small, easy to configure, low throughput firewall. Grow with a 10Gbps device that offers fast performance, effective intrusion prevention, and even integrated control. Or if you’re in a virtualised environment, use a Stormshield virtual appliance to get all the benefits of effective UTM without the hardware.

Whatever the scale of your business and network traffic, there’s a Stormshield Network Security device for you.

Stormshield Network Security gives you:

A choice of devices
so you can prioritise the protection you need, then grow over time with a uniquely modular approach.

Unified Threat Management
that includes everything you’d expect from a modern, next-generation firewall. And more.

Enterprise-grade performance
with high-performance firewalls offering throughput of as much as 130Gbps.

Unparalleled visibility
with detailed reports that are quick and easy to customise around your organisation.

Convenient configuration
and ongoing management with Stormshield Management Center.

Fast deployment
that can get your UTM firewall up-and-running in as little as three minutes.

Stormshield Network Security Product Matrix



Firewall throughput – 400 Mbps
IPS throughput – 200 Mbps
IPSec throughput – 100 Mbps
Ports – 1+4




Firewall throughput – 1 Gbps
IPS throughput – 800 Mbps
IPSec throughput – 200 Mbps
Ports – 1+4



SN160W – Secure Wi-Fi

Firewall throughput – 1 Gbps
IPS throughput – 800 Mbps
IPSec throughput – 200 Mbps
Ports – 1+4



Firewall throughput – 600 Mbps
IPS throughput – 600 Mbps
IPSec throughput – 250 Mbps
Ports – 1+2×2



Firewall throughput – 2 Gbps
IPS throughput – 1.6 Gbps
IPSec throughput – 350 Mbps
Ports – 2+6


SN210W – Secure Wi-Fi

Firewall throughput – 2 Gbps
IPS throughput – 1.6 Gbps
IPSec throughput – 350 Mbps
Ports – 2+6



Firewall throughput – 800 Mbps
IPS throughput – 800 Mbps
IPSec throughput – 400 Mbps
Ports – 8
High availability – Active/Passive




Firewall throughput – 3.5 Gbps
IPS throughput – 2.4 Gbps
IPSec throughput – 600 Mbps
Ports – 8




Firewall throughput – 5 Gbps
IPS throughput – 3 Gbps
IPSec throughput – 1 Gbps
Ports – 12
High Availability – Active/Passive



Firewall throughput – 10  Gbps
IPS throughput – 7 Gbps
IPSec throughput – 2.4 Gbps
10/100/1000 – 8-16
1Gb fibre – 0-4
10Gb fibre – 0-2
High Availability – Active/Passive



Firewall throughput – 20  Gbps
IPS throughput – 12.5 Gbps
IPSec throughput – 4 Gbps
10/100/1000 – 8-16
1Gb fibre – 0-6
10Gb fibre – 0-2
High Availability – Active/Passive



Firewall throughput – 30  Gbps
IPS throughput – 20 Gbps
10/100/1000 – 10-26
1Gb fibre – 0-16
10Gb fibre – 0-8
Optional interfaces – 2
High Availability – Active/Passive



Firewall throughput – 50  Gbps
IPS throughput – 30 Gbps
10/100/1000 – 10-26
1Gb fibre – 0-16
10Gb fibre – 0-8
Optional interfaces – 2
High Availability – Active/Passive



Firewall throughput – 130  Gbps
IPS throughput – 55 Gbps
10/100/1000 – 10-58
1Gb fibre – 0-56
10Gb fibre – 0-28
Optional interfaces – 6
High Availability – Active/Passive

Streamline your firewall management

with Stormshield Management Center

Stormshield Management Center is a secure web portal for managing and monitoring every aspect of your UTM firewalls. Its elegant interface and easy to understand features make accessing appliances, changing configurations and resolving configuration errors a fast, cost-effective process.

In addition, with flexible security rules, Stormshield Management Center goes further – giving you ways to automate and replicate configurations across multiple sites, eliminating repetitive tasks.


Make an investment in network security that grows with your network.

Download the Stormshield Network Security data sheet now.