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IT security that works

Increase security and simplify compliance with privileged access control



Password security, Least Privilege, and Application Control solutions, where you need them most

Thycotic Overview

IT teams need control over how technology is used. From the way your operating systems are configured to how critical systems are accessed, administrators need an unparalleled level of visibility and governance.

Thycotic’s innovative technology brings that control to areas where it’s traditionally been missing – from securing privileged accounts to UNIX commands, enforcing least privilege, granting application control, and configuring endpoints.

All in a highly automated range of products that are designed to give end-users they things they need, too, like easy to access passwords and faster password resets.

Password Security

Thycotic Secret Server

Secure your password against insider and external threats

It’s hard to audit all the privileged accounts on your estate, let alone track how they’re being used and by who. On-premise or in the cloud, Thycotic Secret Server discovers and stores your passwords in an AES 256-bit encrypted vault where they can be accessed by users with a detailed audit trail.

Thycotic Password Reset Server

Cut help-desk costs with easy automated password resets

Put the time your IT team spends resetting passwords to better use. With Thycotic Password Reset Server, end-users authenticate their identities then launch their own Active Directory and Office 365 password resets.

So you can enforce your password policies with confidence – and without compromising on convenience or productivity.

So they can get back to work faster, while your help-desk deals with more challenging issues.

Least Privilege and Application Control

Privilege Manager

Automatically protect your endpoints and applications

The applications on your endpoints are at high risk of being exploited – but only if they have the privileges attackers are looking for. Thycotic’s Privilege Manager for Windows automates the process of detecting and identifying application, then applying your preferred security policy.

UNIX Protection

Enforce least privilege on UNIX and Linux

UNIX least privilege doesn’t have to mean time-consuming management with complex sudo files. UNIX Protection brings simple rule-based UNIX command whitelisting to restrict commands based on policies and user identities, and comprehensive SSH Key Management

It’s the fastest, easiest way to enforce least privilege where it matters most.

So you can boost your security without affecting your users. All with the advantage of detailed reporting for compliance.

Achieve and maintain compliance

While reducing administration burdens

From Cyber Essentials to PCI, to GDPR, compliance standards are potentially time-consuming and resource intensive. Securing your estate against insider and outsider threats is often a manual process – not to mention routine admin like resetting end-user passwords.

Thycotic’s approach is different. With secure tools that automate your security, it’s easy to secure your most valuable passwords, protect your data, enforce least privilege, gain control over your applications, and retain absolute visibility across Windows and UNIX platforms.

So you can protect your organisation without increasing workloads.

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