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IT security that works

Increase security and simplify compliance with privileged access control



Control and visibility where they’re needed most

IT teams need control over how technology is used. You need to know which critical systems can be accessed. How that access is being used. And who is responsible for all activity.

But you’re not the only one. Stakeholders, project managers, and department heads need control too. They need a way to manage access and group memberships, reducing their dependency on you and your help desk.

Thycotic provides the practical tools it takes to improve your level of visibility and control over privileged passwords, while giving end-users more control over password resets and Active Directory group administration.

Reducing the burden on administrators

Without compromising on visibility.

Thycotic Secret Server

Getting things done may mean sharing sensitive, privileged passwords across multiple users. But that creates new risk and makes auditing more difficult. Thycotic Secret Server vaults, monitors, audits and automates your privileged accounts. It is designed to reduce internal and external threats and improve your security and restrict user access.

So you get full accountability – across every platform.

Thycotic Password Reset Server

Being productive can be challenging when you’re swamped with Active Directory password reset requests. You spend too much time fighting fires. Thycotic Password Reset Server enforces strong security policies and passes responsibility back to your users to manage their own AD credentials without help desk assistance.

So users can get back to work faster, while you focus on what really matters.

Thycotic Group Management Server

Who better to manage Active Directory groups than the people who lead them day-to-day? With Thycotic Group Management Server, you can empower business managers to organise and provision users within their respective AD groups. Controlled. Audited. Secure. All without creating help desk requests.


Achieve and maintain compliance

While reducing administration burdens.

It would be great to spend less time on repetitive administration, but the demands of compliance don’t give you much choice. Often, the easiest way to enforce your policies, maintain security, and achieve complete visibility is to do everything yourself.

Thycotic’s approach is different. They provide secure tools that offer administrative control in easy to use interfaces, with detailed audit trails and flexible reporting.

So you can delegate with confidence and meet your compliance obligations.

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