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The Privileged Account Management you’ve been searching for…

Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server

Secure your passwords against insider and external threats

Secret Server Overview

Thycotic Secret Server is enterprise-grade Privileged Account Management – a centralised vault where the keys to your IT kingdom are protected against insider and outside threats.

When a password needs to be accessed, your end-users simply authenticate who they are to retrieve the password from the 256-bit AES encrypted vault.

With setup in as little as 15 minutes you can:

Icon - Detailed Log

Keep a detailed log
of when passwords are accessed, by who, and how they’re used.

Icon - Enforce

Enforce your password policies
like password complexity, age, and life-cycle, with confidence.

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Share account credentials
among your team without compromising on password security.

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the vulnerable service accounts, and default passwords you’ve been missing.

Secret Server is available with a choice of on-premise deployment for control and governance, or cloud-based deployment for scalability and speed.

Password abuse is a major security risk

for every single organisation


of breaches involve privileged account abuse


of hackers say privileged passwords are their most coveted target


of security breaches are caused by rogue insiders


of businesses see Privileged Account Management as a high priority

The threat is considerable.
A manual approach to PAM just can’t keep up.

Industry-leading Privileged Account Management

Designed for the realities of passwords

Thycotic Secret Server isn’t made for the utopia where users love complex passwords and rotation, and IT teams can effortlessly keep up with thousands of different passwords. It’s made for the real world.

With two decades of experience and more than 7,500 customers worldwide, Thycotic knows how you really use your privileged accounts – and what it takes to secure them without adding to your workload, or making life harder for your users.

Thycotic Secret Server gives you:


Military-grade password protection
with AES-256 encryption and robust, role-based duties working behind the scenes.

Constant accessibility
on every major operating system, network device and security appliances, with remote access for employees and management alike.

Complete visibility
from detailed audit trails for every interaction with passwords to out-of-the-box reporting for a top-level overview.

Convenient compliance
with standards like GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and more – as well as a ready-to-go Auditor profile.

A flexible API
so you can integrate any application with Secret Server’s vault – without spending money on expensive development.

Enterprise-ready features
like service account management, workflow approvals, and enhanced monitoring.

Deployment to suit your business
with the speed and affordability of the cloud or the additional control of on-premise.

15 minute setup
so you can start securing your privileged accounts fast.

Expert support
from a team that lives Privileged Account Management and is committed to your security.

Start securing your passwords now

on-premise or in the cloud

Thycotic Secret Server can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, giving you the flexibility to get the implementation that fits your business, industry, and compliance obligations.

In the cloud, you’ll get Enterprise-grade Privileged Account Management at its easiest. No maintenance, no CAPEX – just a simple and predictable monthly or annual fee.

If you need your implementation on-site, Thycotic Secret Server On-Premise gives you complete control over your Microsoft stack and you can be up-and-running in as little as fifteen minutes.

Making Privileged Account Management simple

for thousands of businesses worldwide

Thycotic Secret Server is easily installed and very user friendly for our system administrators.

Anne Gorman, VP Access & Identity Management, BankUnited

Secret Server is a single point of success for all of our password management.

Michael Somerville, Manager of Systems Support, University of San Diego

We were able to get further in our Secret Server deployment in two weeks than we did in two years with our old tool.

Erich Beyer, IT Security Engineer III, MEDNAX

Tailor your Privileged Account Management

With Secret Server Add-Ons

Thycotic Secret Server strikes the balance between security and affordability. But if you’re looking for even more advanced controls, you can create a bespoke Secret Server with these optional Add-ons.

Try an easier way to manage your privileged accounts.

Get your trial of Thycotic Secret Server now. It’s free for 30 days.