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Thycotic Free Tools & Resources

Learn about Privileged Account Management, how to secure your privileged accounts, and investigate least privilege with these free tools & resources

Thycotic provides a range of free tools & resources to help you see the scale of your Privileged Account Management (PAM), application control, and least privilege challenges – so you can start improving your visibility and protection immediately.

The free tools and resources are split into the following sections:

  • …for dummies guides
  • Reports and white papers
  • Free tools

We’re always adding new assets, so check back often.

…for dummies ebooks

Privileged Account Management for dummies

Privileged Account Management for dummies gives you practical tips, strategies, and insights from the world’s leading PAM company, Thycotic. It’s your complete guide to Privileged Account Management.

for dummies

Focusing on the aspects of security that most IT security technology can’t help with, Cybersecurity for dummies is a concise, easy to digest guide to understanding your risk, improving protection, and attack response.

Reports & White Papers

KuppingerCole Privileged Account Management Report

The KuppingerCole privileged account management report is a comprehensive guide to keeping your most powerful passwords safe. It draws on specialist expertise so you can make informed decisions about your security.

State of PAM Risk & Compliance

Learn why password exploits should be your biggest cyber security concern, where your PAM could be falling short, and what you can do to protect your business from attacks and meet your compliance obligations.

2018 Hacker Survey Report Insights

Learn why Windows 8 and 10 are still easily compromised, why Group Policy Objects don’t work, and what hackers think about least privilege.

Stop Using Excel for Storing Passwords

If you’re using Excel to store passwords, here’s why that’s a bad idea. Get the report to learn about the reasons why using Excel to store your passwords exposes you to attack, and what might happen if an attacker exploits it.

Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack

Build your understanding of today’s biggest cyber security threat with a guide to everything involved in a hack, from the earliest reconnaissance to execution and covering tracks.

Free Guide to PAM & Cyber Essentials

Get a useful summary of the five major pillars of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification – then learn how Privileged Account Management (PAM) from Thycotic gives you the controls you need.

Free Tools

Weak Password Finder

Find the weak passwords in your Active Directory with the Weak Password Finder Tool. It’s a fast and simple way to check password strength on your network and improve your security.

Privileged Account Discovery

Don’t miss a Windows privileged account. With Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows you’ll get a single, comprehensive view of all your Windows privileged accounts.

Password Security Policy Template

Get a head start with this best-practice password-policy template document. Improve your IT security posture, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Endpoint Application Discovery

Identify every Windows app on your endpoints, discover with are insecure, and produce a management-ready ready in just a few clicks.

Least Privilege Discovery

Quick and easy, the Thycotic Least Privilege Discovery tool scours your endpoints so you know which accounts have admin access, which apps depend on admin rights, and where you’re leaving your IT unnecessarily exposed.