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Thycotic Password Reset Server

Self-service password resets. So you can spend your time where it matters.

Running an IT help desk takes a certain set of skills. You need to act fast to help users with sometimes complicated issues. You need to give people the essential information they need to continue using the technology in front of them.

So why do you spend so much time resetting passwords?

With Thycotic Password Reset Server, you can let your users reset their own Active Directory passwords. They get the fast response they need. And you can get on with something else.

The easiest way to reset AD passwords

With secure identity verification.

Fast, Flexible Enrolment

First, you need to configure the verification methods that will be used if a user forgets a password. Chose to automatically enrol every Active Directory user, or launch manual enrolment so that users can set their own security questions.

Instant Password Resets

When a user forgets a password, there’s no frustration. After answering a question to check identity, Thycotic Password Reset Server will dispatch a call or SMS message with a unique PIN code.

This can then be used to reset the password and get back to business. Easy.

Detailed Auditing and Reporting

When you’re passing control for password resets to your users, that shouldn’t mean losing your visibility. Thycotic Password Reset Server includes detailed auditing that covers everything users do. So you always know what’s happening while you’re busy on more important things.

Active Directory. Full of actionable data

With end-user control over AD attributes.

Active Directory goes beyond passwords. It can store masses of useful user information, including essential out of office contact details. But it’s not always easy to keep this information up-to-date. It’s yet another task you and your help desk need to keep on top of.

Thycotic Password Reset Server lets you pass that responsibility to your users. Give them a way to verify and update a specific set of attributes that you define, and confirm that existing data is accurate.

All with extensive auditing so you can see what’s been changed.

Cut your help desk costs

While keeping up with compliance.

The people who man your help desk are capable of so much more than resetting passwords. But, when they spend hours handling reset requests, you’re paying a high cost for skills that aren’t being used effectively.

Thycotic Password Reset Server saves you time. And, crucially, it saves you money, dramatically reducing the need for help desk resources that are underused.

All in a platform that maintains the secure standards you would expect from hands-on helpdesk staff, allowing you to meet your compliance obligations.


of help desk calls are asking for a password to be reset.


average reduction of password-related calls when using password management tools, according to Gartner.


users can be included as part of a free Thycotic Password Reset Server trial.