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Thycotic Privilege Manager

Application control and least privilege for endpoint protection

Privilege Manager Overview

Thycotic Privilege Manager is proactive endpoint protection – a highly-automated way to understand your applications, enforce least privilege, and protect against advanced threats.

Just leave Privilege Manager to detect applications on your endpoints, identify them, and apply your preferred security policy, from executing in a sandbox, to denying access completely.

It’s an effective, efficient way to:

Icon - SetupImplement Least Privilege without impacting productivity

Icon - ControlMaintain control of applications and privileges of your endpoints

Icon - TrackTrack and report on application usage

Icon - ComplianceMeet your regulatory compliance standards

So you can give your users the software and privilege they require – without leaving your endpoints exposed to external attackers and malicious insiders.

Advanced threats target your applications

and your existing protection can’t help


of breaches involve compromised endpoints


average cost of a data security breach


protection offered by your anti-virus systems


protection offered by your firewalls

The answer to advanced threats targeting your applications is advanced security that is designed to lock down your endpoints.

The easiest to use platform

for application control

The best IT security is multi-layered and complex. But that needn’t make management difficult.

Thycotic Privilege Manager is designed for ease of use, from fast implementation and convenient configuration to rich automation to find software and apply policies on your behalf.

Privilege Manager gives you:

Automated application discovery and identification
based on application names, hashes, and digital signatures

Vital application context
from who is running to application to the specific endpoint it is being used on.

Flexible policies
that control applications and privilege, from white boxing and sand boxing to requesting written reasons for access.

Easy least privilege access
so your users only have the administrative control they really need to get their job done.

A faster time to value
with streamlined deployment including fast application discovery and useful policy templates.

Standards compliance
with GDPR, Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS, NIST, and many more.

Take your endpoint security further by centralising, encrypting, and logging how every privileged account is used.

Integrate Thycotic Privilege Manager with Thycotic Secret Server.


Protecting endpoints against malicious applications

and making entire networks more secure

I can rest a lot easier knowing I’ve got my endpoints secure.

– IT Director of Security and Operations

We love Thycotic support. Thycotic is a large company with a small company feel.

– Darin Wimbrough, Systems Manager, SAAB Defense and Security USA LLC

In my 16 years in the business, Thycotic has been the best experience.

– Michael Muto, Systems Architect, Duquesne University

Try the fastest way to implement least privilege.

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