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Thycotic Secret Server

Protect privileged passwords quickly and easily.

Keeping passwords private is important. But not always realistic. The truth is that enterprises need to share critical passwords across entire departments. That’s how productivity stays high.

But when you open up access to privileged passwords, it gets harder to retain your control. Who is using the password? When it’s changed in line with your policies, how does every user stay up-to-date?

Thycotic Secret Server discovers, centrally manages, and actively changes shared critical passwords on a timely basis – all with detailed auditing to keep you informed.

So you can give access freely, without compromising on accountability.

Stay productive while protecting sensitive passwords

A secure environment for privileged account management.

Retain your governance

With system-level passwords stored in a centralised repository, your team can access them quickly and easily – while you track use through detailed audit reports and granular user permissions.

Make policies more practical

Time to change your password in line with your IT policies? With Thycotic Secret Server, you can change passwords automatically at set intervals, then notify your entire team in real-time.

Improve your security

Passwords are the keys to your business. That’s why Thycotic Secret Server includes a range of security options to keep them safe. From AES 256 encryption to restricted access from specific IP ranges, you can take a layered approach for defence you can depend on.

Control, insight, and security

The secret to staying compliant.

Privileged account password management is a key component of compliance. Across PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations, you’re expected to understand which passwords provide access to various parts of the business. How they’re used day-to-day. And who is using them.

But, by default, your privileged passwords don’t come attached to people. They’re shared between several users and are tied back to systems, not humans. So it’s impossible to know who is using them.

With Thycotic Secret Server, you can track how passwords are used – and who is using them – from a convenient web-based interface.

An integrated approach

From Active Directory to Android.

Thycotic Secret Server is designed to lighten your workload while increasing your governance. And that starts with fast, convenient implementation.

Secret Server integrates with Active Directory to get your users up and running. You can also use Firefox extensions, smart phone and tablet applications, and integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) software.

So you can quickly bring the passwords you need into a single centralised repository.

“We love Secret Server – it’s a phenomenal product.”

– Kevin Carr, Director of Information Services Denton County, Texas

“I’ve been looking for a centralised password repository for a long time. Secret Server offers us the best price/feature ratio.”

– Bojan Zdrnja, Security Implementation Specialist, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

“I highly recommend this product; easy to implement and it just works.”

-Michael, Systems Engineer, Perkins Coie